Smart Kitchen Appliances in 2020: A New Approach to Save Energy Bills

People are getting smart, and the gadgets are getting smarter. We live in an era where everything can be done with ease and minimal efforts.

With the help of IoT and smart devices, we can transform our home as well as our lifestyle. 

All modern gadgets and home technology from science fiction movies have become a reality. Alexa is our own version of Iron Man’s Jarvis.

However, when it comes to home automation, people always focus on gadgets like smart lights, smart TV, smart speaker, smartwatch, smart security, etc.

While all these gadgets are important, they have very less contribution to energy bills. 

It is the gadgets you use in the kitchen, which takes up too much power. Example, Refrigerator, Microwave, Toaster, Mixer and Blender.

If you really want to make a difference and save energy bills, the key is to focus on smart kitchen appliances.

It is the modern approach to save energy bills and take a step towards home sustainability.

Luckily, there are many smart gadgets which helps you to do just that.

Five Smart Kitchen Appliances to Save Power:

These are electronic gadgets which you use in the kitchen. They are smart, eco-friendly and easy to use.

Smart Refrigerator:

The refrigerator is a must in the kitchen. But the only problem is that it consumes a lot of power. But now, you can buy a smart refrigerator. It is an energy-efficient refrigerator with a built-in TV screen. You can view anything on the screen along with the inside view. It helps you in shopping and display recipes as well. There is an even calendar along with daily use information. You can connect it with other smart devices and operate it with the help of the Family Hub Screen.

smart refrigerator

Smart Microwave/ Oven:

Another kitchen gadget which consumes a lot of power is a microwave. We normally leave the power button on and use only the one given on the device to operate it. It wastes a lot of power. A smart microwave is energy efficient and works on voice control. You can use voice control to turn it off and save power. You will also get free recipes.

smart microwave oven

Smart Dishwasher:

There is no Alexa in the dishwasher, but it is extremely energy efficient. It not only saves the energy bill but also saves the water. Instead of drying the dishes using heat, it opens the door to air dry the dishes. It uses smart spy technology to remove all the stains with minimum water.

smart dishawasher

Smart Pressure Cooker:

If you want to prepare meals without wasting much power and energy, this is the best option. You can access this gadget via a phone app or Alexa. You can give voice commands and instructions. 

smart cooker

Smart Kitchen Faucet:

Clean water is scarce, and we should not waste it. Unfortunately saving water becomes a hassle when you work in a kitchen. But now, with the smart faucet, you can save a lot of water. It works via voice command. You can command the faucet to start and stop or fill containers with water without wasting a single drop.

smart kitchen faucet

These are the five basic smart kitchen appliances every smart homeowner needs to buy. 

Apart from these gadgets, there is a wide range of smart kitchen appliances in the market. These gadgets will make at least a 20% difference in your energy bills.