[Solved] How to Disable the New YouTube Layout?

YouTube, being one of the most popular video-sharing platforms, frequently undergoes design updates to enhance user experience. However, not every user embraces change, and the introduction of a new layout can sometimes lead to discomfort or dissatisfaction. If you find yourself wanting to revert to the old YouTube layout, this guide will walk you through the steps to disable the new design and revert to the familiar interface you know and love.

Understanding the New YouTube Layout

1. Understanding the New YouTube Layout

Changes and Features

   – YouTube periodically introduces new layouts to improve navigation, accessibility, and overall aesthetics. Changes may include modifications to the homepage, video player, and overall user interface.

User Reactions

   – Not all users readily adapt to new layouts, and some may prefer the familiarity of the previous design. Common concerns include adjustments to navigation, accessibility issues, or simply personal preference.

2. Disabling the New YouTube Layout

Browser Extensions

   – Browser extensions provide a straightforward method to revert to the old YouTube layout. Extensions like “YouTube Classic” or “Restore Classic YouTube” are designed to disable the new layout and restore the previous version.

      – For Chrome:

         – Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for a suitable extension.

         – Install the extension and follow any on-screen instructions.

         – Once installed, navigate to YouTube and enjoy the classic layout.

      – For Firefox:

         – Explore the Firefox Add-ons website to find a compatible extension.

         – Install the extension and restart your browser.

         – Return to YouTube and witness the return of the classic layout.

Browser Settings

   – Some browsers allow users to disable or limit the use of new features. This method may not be as comprehensive as using an extension but can still provide a familiar YouTube experience.

      – For Chrome:

         – Open Chrome and go to “chrome://flags” in the address bar.

         – Look for the “YouTube” section and disable any relevant flags related to the new design.

         – Relaunch Chrome, and the classic YouTube layout should be restored.

      – For Firefox:

         – Enter “about:config” in the address bar.

         – Search for “prefers-content-type” and set it to “text/html.”

         – Refresh YouTube, and the classic layout should be active.

3. Potential Limitations and Considerations

Extension Compatibility

   – Browser extensions may not be compatible with every browser update. Users should check for extension updates or alternative extensions if issues arise.

Security Concerns

   – Using browser extensions or modifying browser settings may pose security risks. Users should only install extensions from reputable sources and exercise caution when adjusting browser flags or settings.

Temporary Solutions

   – Disabling the new YouTube layout through extensions or browser settings might be a temporary solution. YouTube could eventually phase out the classic layout entirely, necessitating adaptation to the new design.

4. Feedback and YouTube Settings

Providing Feedback

   – If dissatisfied with the new YouTube layout, users can provide feedback directly to YouTube. This feedback loop allows the platform to understand user concerns and potentially make adjustments based on user input.

YouTube Settings

   – Occasionally, YouTube provides users with the option to revert to the classic layout within the platform’s settings. Check the YouTube settings menu for any available options to switch between layouts.


The new YouTube layout reflects the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience and adapt to evolving digital trends. However, the ability to disable the new design and revert to the classic layout offers users a sense of control and familiarity. Whether users choose to embrace change or preserve the nostalgia of the old layout, these methods provide viable solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of YouTube’s interface. As YouTube continues to refine its design, users can explore these options to tailor their experience based on personal preferences and comfort with change.

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