CES 2021

Loreal Custom Lipstick

CES 2021: This Gadget Brings Tech to Lipsticks to Make Custom Shades

If you thought that the CES 2021 has been all about some serious home and personal tech, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the show catered to several aspects of our lives and added a ting of tech to most of them, including the fashion and beauty domain.

Nexstgo Laptop with 3 webcams

CES 2021: Nexstgo Brings A Three-Webcam Laptop With Ring Light

At the CES 2021, the Hong Kong-based brand Nexstgo announced its forthcoming Avita Admiror II laptop aimed at helping users in doing livestreaming. The notebook comes with a vivid “ring light” outlining the screen to offer extra lighting.