5 Tech Hacks for Your Smartphone You Should Know

You may think you know everything there is to know about your smartphone but think again. Modern smartphones are extraordinarily complex and sophisticated little devices. Like the human brain, you can spend years using them and still not tap into a quarter of their full potential.

Try some of these tech hacks to maximize your daily use of your smartphone. You’ll get more out of your phone, and hopefully, it’ll last a little longer.

1. Get a Phone Case and Screen Protector

Heavy-duty phone case

Sound too obvious? You’d be surprised how many people carry their phones around without a case or protector.

When you go out without a phone case or protector, you’re risking breaking your phone at all times. One little drop can result in a crack that makes the interface impossible to use.

The combination of a phone case and screen protector can help ensure that your phone doesn’t become one of the 50 million that break each year (you read that right).

2. Install a Recycle Bin

Every time you delete something from a computer, it goes temporarily into the recycling bin, where it waits for you to either recover the item or permanently delete it. Why is there not the same intermediary stage for smartphones?

Well, there can be if you have room to download another app. Many apps on the market – many of them free – will work like that recycling bin you’ve so been missing. How many times have you accidentally deleted something and then been devastated that it’s gone? Banish that feeling forever with a recycling bin app.

3. Turn Your Phone Into a Master Remote

Smart lock system

Why have a dozen remotes lying around your house for the TV, lights, music, fireplace, and more when you could do it all from your phone? You can route all your electronic operations via Bluetooth into your phone.

That way, next time you’re in bed, and the air conditioning is a bit too weak, or the lighting is a bit too strong, you don’t have to drag yourself out of bed to change them.

4. Measure Using Your Phone

Skip the measuring tape and all the other gadgets that take up so much space in your drawers. Use your phone to measure length.

With certain apps, you can drag your phone across a surface, and it’ll tell you the length you covered in centimeters, inches, meters, etc.

5. Download Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone landing page

People lose 70 million phones each year, with only 7% recovered. Don’t become a statistic. Use the app that models like the Apple iPhone have already built-in – Find My iPhone – and always be able to geolocate your phone even if it’s switched off.

Hacking It

Unleash the full potential of your smart technology with these amazing hacks. You can impress everyone at your next dinner party with all the remarkable tricks you’ll be able to pull off on the thing everyone else has but takes for granted.