Tile partners with Intel to introduce its tracking tech to laptops

Tile has recently announced its association with Intel. They are working closely with Intel to introduce its Bluetooth tracking tech into laptops and other devices that use Intel hardware.

The partnership between the two tech giants will allow users of Intel devices to locate their lost items with the help of the advanced Tiles tracking tech. This is going to be a big thing for the users as they will be offered better and improved laptops.

Tile’s Bluetooth tracking tech system uses low energy. It allows your phone to recognize and connect to Bluetooth tags. In recent years, Tile has partnered with many other companies to bring their Bluetooth connectivity to various other products, including Sennheiser Momentum headphones. This means the new Bluetooth technology is not just limited to phones.

To use this new feature, you first have to install the Tile app on your phone and then connect it to a product. This will alert you about the location of the device. The sound is very audible, so there’s no way you will not get to hear the alert. With the help of this feature, you will be able to find your device easily. This feature will prove to be useful when you misplace your devices around the house. Using this method, you can find them in no time.

This technology is designed to help Tile users find their lost items easily. With this feature, you no longer have to struggle to find your device in the house. Not just that, but the tech can also tell you the last location of your device. This will help you to find your device even outside your house. For example, let’s say you leave your laptop in a shop and cannot find it anymore. Your Tile app will tell you the last location of your computer. This way, you will be able to find your device quickly.

This particular feature can also help you trace your laptop if someone tries to walk off with it. All you have to do is alert the Tile network about your missing laptop. The Tile app running on your phone will report you as soon as it detects the location of your laptop. This makes your laptop and other devices theft-proof.

The good thing is that all this will happen anonymously, so you need not worry about privacy. It is just useful in finding you your lost items. It doesn’t take much time to locate your lost item.

According to Tile, around 6 million items are located every day through the Tile network. This shows the amount of people trust and uses the Tile app. this is one of the best tech ever invented. This is a great invention for all the users as they no longer have to worry about their devices getting stolen.

This feature can be integrated with a much wider range of devices. In other words, it is not just limited to your laptop. The partnership between the two companies has done wonders for the users.

Tile introduces HP Elite Dragonfly, the first trackable laptop. The company said that Intel will offer hardware integrated with Tiles later in 2020. However, that doesn’t mean that all Intel laptops will come with Tile tech. There will be selected devices that will carry the benefit of Tile tech. this will allow the users to make their decisions accordingly.

This new alert feature from Tile is the best invention for laptops and other devices. It cannot only find our lost items but also prevent it from getting stolen. This feature has already helped millions of people out there.