The Tip of the macOSberg

The world of macOS and related Mac device web security greatly contrasts to one we have seen in the Windows world. Apple has a stringent requirement for apps to be reviewed and thoroughly scrutinized by their developers.

Before an app is approved for macOS or iOS devices alike, Apple requires a rigorous process. This is the main driving force that enabled Apple to reach a high ranking and reputation regarding their product’s security.

For that reason, it is much harder to penetrate a mac virus in Macs as opposed to devices running on Windows operating systems.

Mac antivirus

This blog post will further delve into some of the reasons why Mac users for personal and business users cannot use these impressive facts as an excuse for Mac malware’s cyber security and privacy complacency.

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Let’s delve into why macOS cyber security researchers, departments, personal and business users need to be on a heightened state of alert.

Apple’s high ranking stands tall, but all the significant facts are just the tip of the iceberg and, more accurately for this article, the tip of the macOSberg.

Enterprise Mac Adoption

working on MacBook

More and more users and enterprises have chosen the Mac for their work devices. Many business functional user groups such as software developers, executives, and researchers have decided to switch over to Mac.

This decision could be driven by a preference for the unique Apple ecosystem and also for Apple’s impeccable hardware and OS-based built-in security, including a mix of the two.

Enterprise Mac Use: Beneath it All

The recent enterprise use increase has spurred much-unprecedented attention by cyber security research firms and information security – cyber security departments. More and more effort is spent researching these largely insufficiently chartered waters of Mac-related cyber security matters.

Beneath it all lurks some very technically savvy criminally inclined computer scientists looking to reach new milestones regarding cyber attacking Macs.

This is more true for Macs being used in enterprises; these Macs could target many cyber threats and related malware.

macbook air

These cybercriminal organizations, for example, target the laptop of a CEO in hopes that they saved some critically essential data locally. If a ransomware cyberattack is successful, data that we didn’t back up could raise the value of the ransom and increase the chances for those organizations to receive handsome payment amounts.

Let’s not forget nation-states and their respective spy agencies are also aware of this new and growing business-related Mac usage trend. They are highly motivated to exploit this potential opportunity.

An Important Reminder for Mac Users

To continue on the theme of this article, as mentioned, hackers are getting increasingly motivated to increase their level of success in terms of cyber attacking Mac devices. Any achievements in that area, although was initially intended for business users, will quickly translate into personal use threats.

For that reason, it is more important than ever for Mac users to evaluate than purchase a comprehensive cyber security solution from a reputable and experienced firm for their Macs for uninterrupted protection.