Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Platforms in 2021 to Improve Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a matter of theoretical debate and a staple of science fiction. Still, in today’s age of rapid change, it is evident that AI will have a significant impact on the technological industry, the labor market, and everyday life.

There is no commonly accepted definition for AI. However, this word usually covers artificial or inanimate systems that demonstrate some type of “intelligence,” i.e., coping with changing settings and conditions, and learn from experience, and gathering new information.

At the same time, it is a branch of computer science concerned with the design, study, and implementation of such systems.

Here are 6 Artificial Intelligence Platforms in 2021 to improve your business.

1. TensorFlow


TensorFlow is an open-source engine learning platform. This is an excellent platform for beginners as it turns from beginning to end. It has a large and versatile set of tools, modules, and public information. These features enable academics to push the boundaries of machine learning research.

They also make it easier for developers to build and deploy ML applications quickly. It’s a free software artificial intelligence package. The great thing about it is that it builds models using data flow graphs. It encourages programmers to construct large-scale neural networks with numerous layers.

TensorFlow has long been the go-to framework for many developers who want to create large-scale deep-learning models.

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a professional business cloud computing platform. You might not know that it was formerly known as Windows Azure. It offers to compute analyze any data, network, and other cloud services you use in your work. Microsoft Azure is both a virtualization platform and a web portal.

It enables you to connect to and manage Microsoft’s cloud services and resources from the comfort of your own home. Depending on your needs and wants, these programs and services include storing and altering your valuable data. You also get free monthly quantities of two types of services.

3. XtractEdge


XtractEdge is an AI-based Enterprise Management System. It is popular because it enables management, big data predictive insights, and knowledge-based intelligent automation. Because XtractEdge is a cognitive computing platform, it can help small and large businesses with data management and process automation.

XtractEdge automates duplicate business procedures. It also helps save time for those engaged in the overall workflow. It combines deep learning with the deep knowledge of an organization. This is done to facilitate mechanization and development. Many businesses like it because it allows them to reconfigure their system landscapes constantly.

4. Dialogflow


Dialogflow is a natural language processing (NLP) platform. It gained popularity because it allows businesses to create chat applications. With that, they can create interactions for their consumers in various languages. This tool will enable you to use it across numerous platforms. Dialogflow is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

It’s built on Google’s infrastructure and can quickly scale to millions of users in a matter of seconds. That means that you don’t have to bother about infrastructure and coding. Dialogflow has all of the components needed to create a decent chatbot.

5. IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio is artificial intelligence for businesses. IBM Watson Studio assists businesses in predicting future outcomes. They can also easily automate complex procedures and maximize the whole team’s productivity.

IBM Watson Studio enables data scientists, innovators, and analysts to create, operate, and control AI prototypes. It is a powerful tool because it can improve decision-making. With IBM Watson Studio Desktop, students and teachers now have unrestricted access to this comprehensive data intelligence platform.

The best part about IBM Watson Studio is how quickly it can install an extensive system in just a few hours.

6. Infrrd


With the developer’s vision, natural language processing, and predictive algorithms centered on the Artificial Intelligence Platform, Infrrd is useful. It is known as a Machine Intelligence Company. Their primary focus is to help organizations get more done in less time. Infrrd employs advanced AI algorithms to retrieve data automatically.

That data is buried in any site’s unstructured text and images. Also, businesses can use this platform to identify patterns in their work. It will help you make informed decisions and adjust to new data constantly being created.


Artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly impact our quality of life as business owners. AI is making development easier and faster; also, Artificial intelligence is employed in various fields. That includes information technology, customer service, advertising, operations management, and more.

It is a replication of natural intelligence in robots that have been programmed to learn and imitate human behavior. These engines can remember from their errors and do human-like tasks.

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