What Gadgets Does Pewdiepie use in his YouTube Setup

Pewdiepie Gadgets

Amongst a lot of hardworking and talented YouTubers, PewDiePie comes on the top. No doubt, he is one of the best YouTubers and is getting popular with every passing day. PewDiePie, also known as Felix, is a favorite YouTube celebrity these days. People are getting curious about how much money PewDiePie makes per video and that question led to his selection of equipment.

His equipment plays a significant role in his earning through which he makes the operations smoother. He loves to own tech gadgets that are more helpful than fancy. So, for all the Felix fans, we are here to share about the best gadgets of PewDiePie setup.

What Gadgets Does Pewdiepie use

1. Humanscale Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Float Desk ~ What Desk Does Pewdiepie Use

As we already mentioned, PewDiePie is not into fascinating gadgets. Instead, he prefers luxurious and valuable stuff. Humanscale float sit-standing desks are proof of that. Not a sporty or vibrant look, but a decent, sleek design table is what PewDiePie loves the most. 

Being a bit expensive option, this desk offers you versatile sizing and height. With a simple touch to the float switch, you can adjust the table in seconds, which is exceptional. The table looks gorgeous because of the wooden and metallic finish and works well for guys above 6 feet. You can easily set the height and direction according to your needs, just like PewDiePie uses it on the ground for his setup. He seems to love his float table while working or playing. 

2. ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q ~ What Monitor Does Pewdiepie use

PewDiePie is the most popular gamer these days and owns a great gaming setup. Like all other gadgets, Felix holds ASUS ROG Swift for a relaxing setup. Its thin bezels are to align two or more monitors if you want. It is one of the stunning choices for gamers because of the slight curve. Not only it saves space, but it offers you a fascinating view from any angle quickly. The monitor has Multiple input slots to ease your operations. Also, the monitor has a 4-inch adjustable height so that you never miss any view. As PewDiePie is a prime user of the NVIDIA GPU, the G-sync with NVIDIA feature makes this monitor the best choice for Felix. ASUS ROG swift 3800r monitor has a solid build spaceship frame for packing of quality graphics.

3. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLS ~ What Mic Does Pewdiepie use

Want to know why Felix is proud of his mic choice? It is because he has been using AKG pro audio C414 XLS for a long time. This microphone is the top choice in the audio industry because of its high performance. Being a blend of quality and class, AKG pro is a bit expensive but is packed with unique features. It is handy, well-constructed, and versatile all at the same time. This mic has a 15DB range with a low noise floor and fantastic nine polar patterns to make any recording effortless and dynamic. The frequency range is quite impressive, 20 Hz to 20000Hz and LED indicates convenient usage. No other microphone is better than this one in terms of audio quality. 

4. Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Felix is a cool YouTuber who has the most satisfying setup gear, including mouse pads. A glorious extended gaming mouse pad makes him feel happy while enjoying different games. Because of the soft and well-stitched mouse pad, it is pretty easy to handle shooting situations in the game. Unlike old mouse pads, glorious extended gaming mouse pads have a longer length to add a premium look to your desk. You can also choose a stealth edition of this mouse pad if you don’t want any logo on it. Also, the rubber base is great to prevent slipping of the mousepad during the crucial parts of gaming. It is a perfect option for consistent and accurate gaming operations. You won’t miss a spot while using this mousepad, no matter what surface you have, including wood, metal, etc.

5. CANON XA11 ~ What Camcorder Does Pewdiepie use

This camcorder has been one of the most favorite gadgets of PewDiePie. For vlogging and streaming, canon XA 11 is a top choice of Felix. Felix owns this old-fashioned beauty because he is impressed with the exceptional features to make the video working easier. With a quality video setup of 1080p, 20 optical zoom, CMOS pro sensor, and DIGIC 4 processor, canon XA 11 never disappoints PewDiePie. The camcorder is relatively compact, along with various bit rates to record the video of MP4 or VCHD. From 24 to 59fps, it allows you to have fun with lag-free videos to attract an audience. This premier camcorder is a terrific choice for indoor users with EVF tilt and 4-way distortion. Also, you need to worry about the clips because the camcorder throws every film clip into the SD card storage for your convenience.

Final Verdict

PewDiePie is well known for the excellent and quality gadgets he uses for his game and video setup. All the products are top-notch options, offering a variety of features to fulfill all the possible requirements. The setup gear 2021 is what makes every fan of Felix fall for it. From camcorder to the gaming chair, Felix never fails to use the best possible choice among all other products. 

No one can beat the selection ability of PewDiePie in this case. Instead of flashy gear, he is more into functional gadgets, which is seen in his videos. The equipment mentioned above is what PewDiePie loves the most while working, recording, and playing.