What’s New, Now, and Next in Home Heating?

Climate change is here. However, the chilly weather is still upon us, and many are now cranking up the heat in their homes. Some homeowners are turning to more energy-efficient methods such as radiant flooring. Others are exploring new heating technology that can heat homes more evenly and reduce drafts.

Still, others are investigating alternative fuels such as biomass or solar power. So, what’s new in home heating? There’s quite a lot, actually.

Whatever your preferred method is, there’s sure to be something that’s new, and next to suit your needs.

Geothermal Heating

A geothermal heating system taps into the Earth’s natural heat to warm your home. It’s one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways, and it can save you money on your energy bills. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the Earth’s constant temperature to transfer heat.

Solar Heating

Solar panels

One of the most effective ways to heat your home is with solar power. Solar heating can be used to heat your water, your home, or your pool. It is an efficient way to heat your home because it uses the Sun’s energy to create heat. Solar heating is a renewable resource which means it won’t run out. Solar heating is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t produce emissions.

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is a type of radiant heating in which infrared waves are used to transfer heat. This type of heating is often used in industrial and commercial applications as it is an efficient way to heat large spaces. Infrared heaters can be used to heat people and objects and can also be used to create an artificial “Sun” for plants.

Electric Heating

Electric heater

There are several benefits to electric heating, including the fact that it is very efficient and often cheaper to operate than other types of heating systems. Electric heating is also much cleaner than other types of heating, which is important for both indoor air quality and the environment. Additionally, electric heating can be used in a variety of ways, including radiant floor heating, baseboard heating, and even forced-air heating.

Propane Heating

Propane is a clean and efficient heating fuel that can be used in a variety of applications. Propane is a non-toxic, lightweight gas that is easy to store and transport. It is also a versatile fuel that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Propane is an efficient heating fuel because it has a high combustion efficiency and produces a large amount of heat per unit of fuel. It is also a clean-burning fuel which means it produces less pollution than other fossil fuels.

Natural Gas Home Heating

Natural gas heating system

Natural Gas Heating is a great way to heat your home. Natural gas is a clean and efficient fuel source, and it’s also relatively affordable. The gas heater pilot light ignites the gas burner, which then generates heat.

When you choose natural gas heating, you’ll also have the option to use a gas fireplace which can be a great way to add value to your home.

Still Thinking What to Use?

Now that you know the latest and greatest in home heating, it’s time to take action. Upgrade your old system to something new and more efficient. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.