Why Quasar Framework Is Leading Among the Javascript Frameworks Now?

Here’s a question that was posted on Reddit in 2019 about the Quasar Framework…

Quasar Framework

You can check out the complete Reddit thread here.

Quasar is literally too good to be true. And that’s what gets people to ask peers if there’s a catch.

Spoiler Alert: There’s none. The framework is as good as it sounds, and those who have used it continue to sing praises for it.

But what is Quasar?

And why is there so much buzz around it?

Why are experts calling it the leading JavaScript framework?

Find out all that and more in this blog right here. Ready, steady, read on.

Quasar – What Is It?

Quasar logo

Quasar Framework is a comprehensive set of tools for building front-end applications with Vue.js.


For those who are unaware, Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework. It is primarily used for building user interfaces. It is lightweight, reactive, and easy to learn. And it allows developers to create reusable components and build scalable, modern applications. The framework was developed by Razvan Stoenescu. And it is maintained by him and a team of active core members.

Apps built using the Quasar Framework can be deployed on various platforms. Like:

  • The web (As a single-page application, progressive web application, or server-side rendering app.)
  • Mobile apps on iOS and Android, and
  • Desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

All with a single codebase.

Quasar also uses the Material Design specification. It is a design language developed by Google. This ensures that the UI components and layouts provided by Quasar have a consistent, modern, and visually appealing look and feel.

Quasar provides many other features, too, including

1. UI components

Quasar has a rich set of UI components. These elements can be easily customized and integrated into your application.

2. Pre-designed layouts

You get a number of pre-designed layouts that you work as the starting point for your application.

3. Responsive design

Quasar’s UI components are designed to be responsive. This means they automatically adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions.

4. Internationalization (i18n) support

Quasar offers built-in support for translating apps into multiple languages.

5. Accessibility

Quasar’s UI components are designed to be accessible. This means users with disabilities can use them.

6. Performance

The framework is designed to be fast and efficient. This ensures that your applications load and run quickly.

7. Command-line interface (CLI) tool

Quasar provides a CLI tool that can be used to create, develop, and build Quasar projects.

8. Browser Extensions

Quasar Framework provides a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. These extensions can be used to debug and inspect your Quasar applications.

9. Mobile app development

Quasar can help build mobile applications too. It can be used with Cordova and Capacitor for building Android and iOS apps, respectively.

10. Server-side rendering

Quasar provides support for server-side rendering. This can improve the performance and SEO of your application.

Okay. All the technical stuff sounds great. But what’s in it for me?

Why should I invest in Quasar for my business?

Most business owners have similar questions.

And the short and simple answer to all your question is…

Quasar’s inherent technical advantages give it an edge over other frameworks. And a better framework backing your application will eventually turn into monetary gains.

But that’s not all. So here are the…

3 Reasons Why Quasar Is the Leading JS Framework for Business Use

1. Availability of resources

Okay, let’s be honest. It is not easy to find developers who are specifically experienced in Quasar. That’s because it is a relatively new framework. And it is not as widely used as some other JavaScript frameworks.

However, Quasar is built on top of Vue.js, which is a very popular and widely used JavaScript framework. So it is relatively easy to find developers with expertise in Vue.js who can learn Quasar quickly.

In addition, Quasar has a strong and active community of developers. Especially on GitHub, as you can see in the image below.

Quasar Dev

And the community is dedicated to the development and improvement of the framework. This community supports the newbies with documentation, tutorials, and forum discussions.

Learning enthusiasts can also seek support from the official account on Twitter.

Quasar Framework

As a result, it may be easier to find developers who can work with Quasar compared to some other, less well-established frameworks.

2. Perfect performance

A  well-performing is the end goal that every business yearns for. And using Quasar can help ensure that.


Quasar provides a number of tools and features that can help to improve the performance of Vue.js applications.

Some of the performance benefits of using Quasar include

  1. A set of lightweight UI components that are designed to be fast and efficient
    These components are optimized for performance and use minimal resources, which can help to improve the overall performance of an application.
  2. Performance optimization tools, such as the Quasar Performance Devtool
    Such tools help developers identify and fix performance issues in their applications. These tools can provide valuable insights into the performance of an application. Ultimately, developers can use these to optimize their code for better performance.
  3. Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
    SSR is one of the key performance-enhancing features of Quasar. It helps improve the performance of an app by rendering pages on the server rather than the client. This can reduce the amount of work that the client’s browser needs to do. That’s how it improves the overall performance of the application.
  4. CLI tools for efficient and automated application development
    These tools can help to reduce the time and effort required to develop and maintain an application. This leads to better performance in the long run.

However, achieving good performance in an application requires careful planning and design. You will also need proper testing and optimization.

And that’s possible by hiring the right Quasar developers. Only then can you leverage all the features of the framework.

3. Time and cost advantages

Quasar is an open-source framework, which means that it is free to use and distribute. That gives a definite cost advantage.

Also, Quasar is designed to allow developers to write reusable code. The code can be reused across different platforms like the web, desktop, and mobile.

This helps save time and reduce the overall cost of development.

In addition, Quasar provides a set of UI components. These are designed to work seamlessly across different platforms. Thus, it further reduces the time and effort required to build apps for multiple platforms.

Make the most of the Quasar framework now

The Quasar Framework can very well easily be the next big thing in the world of JavaScript frameworks.

Even if it isn’t, know that if it fits your needs, it is good to get an expert on board and start your business application development journey soon.

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