8+ Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site: Secure Your Site Professionally

Nowadays, an increasing number of people and well-known companies have decided to use WordPress as their personal CMS. WordPress is a straightforward CMS to learn and use; it is one of the main reasons people choose to use it. Before deciding on WordPress, we need to know some crucial features, composition, theme, plugin, category, etc.

Plugins are a vital component of WordPress because we can do many things the way we want them to work. To keep WordPress safe from malicious hackers, we can install and add security plugins for WordPress and prevent malicious attacks. In this article, we will explain some of the most famous and most effective WordPress security plugins. So buckle up, and let’s start!

1. WP Login LockDown

WP Login LockDown

WP Login LockDown is a security plugin for WordPress that helps protect against brute force attacks. Brute force attacks are a common form of online attack where a hacker attempts to guess a website’s login credentials by repeatedly submitting different combinations until they find the correct one.

WP Login LockDown works by limiting the number of login attempts a user can make within a certain time period. After a certain number of failed login attempts, the plugin will block access to the website from that specific IP address. This prevents the attacker from continuing their brute force attack and gaining access to the website. WP Login LockDown is an important tool for website security and is recommended for all WordPress website owners.

2. Wordfence


Wordfence is a powerful plugin if we look at the security effectiveness of WordPress CMS. This plugin provides a scan option and offers the ability to find malicious scripts, attempts, and files found on WordPress. Also, we have to mention one crucial fact.

This plugin will enable you to block all malicious IP addresses that try to break through the firewall. So, this way, we can independently choose which are “white” and which are “black” IP addresses. In addition to these features, Wordfence has two levels of protection with many add-ons.

Also, that is why Wordfence is one of the essential plugins in WordPress protection. Also, all traffic from the website is encrypted to avoid interception and data leakage. Suppose someone tries to make a brute force attack. You don’t have to worry. Wordfence will immediately block them because it has protection against numerous requests to the site’s login.

One of the essential add-ons is a malware scanner. It scans the entire page for malicious attempts of the so-called “Code Injection Attack” to immediately block any attempt to write malicious code.

3. Sucuri


Sucuri is an add-on to WordPress to protect it on a slightly higher level. This plugin offers several features to help us keep our website secure. It is effortless to use, and it is essential to emphasize that it is free.

Also, it is essential to note that outdated versions of WordPress can’t install this plugin until they do the update. WordPress versions above 2.6 can’t install this plugin.

Sucuri can scan a website for malicious codes and block new attempts.

4. WPScan


Most WordPress users have not heard about this plugin, but it is essential and very effective.

If you think you are sure and that no one can find out the authors on your site, you are grossly mistaken. You probably have not heard of the WPScan tool installed as an add-on to the Kali Linux operating system. It allows author/user scans on WordPress. You need to install this plugin on your website as soon as possible.

However, WPScan offers the ability to ban the scanning of current authors/users on your site. This way, if they want to use a tool called “WPScan” integrated into the Kali Linux operating system, malicious hackers won’t find out who is behind the page and who writes the news on the page.

Also, WPScan uses its already well-known database that stores over 21,000 known security vulnerabilities. So it will provide you with complete protection against today’s exposures.

5. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security plugin is one of the world’s leading plugins that offers 100% protection for your site.

Are you wondering why we have the urge to say that? Because it offers one big package that contains all the necessary nutrients for your website. Something like a multivitamin bomb for your health, so this is the same for your website.

Furthermore, it contains everything you need to do all the work on time, successfully. Over 10+ years of successful operation and over 60,000 websites worldwide use this plugin. None of these websites ever got hacked. Nowadays, no one has announced that they have used plugins and that the malicious hacker managed to get their user data.

It is effortless to use and offers the possibility of automatic installation with one click.

6. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Experts designed this plugin, and they managed to raise it to a whole new level in cyber security. All In One WP Security & Firewall is very light and easy to use. Also, it is vital to mention that it has many features that offer website protection at a high level.

Although WordPress itself is very secure, there is always a hacker who will try to find vulnerabilities and hack a website. However, with the help of this plugin, you can prevent his evil intentions. All the latest security vulnerabilities in this tool are very well known.

The All In One WordPress Security add-on, no matter how many features it offers in addition to all of your websites, will still be as fast as before. Furthermore, it will recognize and block them all if an attack occurs. So, you have your previous website speed as well as protection against cyber attacks.

7. Anti-Malware Security

Anti-Malware Security

A well-known plugin that is very effective against daily attempts to hack into websites that use WordPress CMS. Hackers perform commonly known attacks with security scanners. Such as WPScan and use them to search for known vulnerabilities on RevSlider, themes, or even TimThumb scripts.

If you set this plugin on your website, you will be able to sleep without any worries. Because Anti-Malware Security will know that you have prevented and disabled access by malicious hackers to your website.

Also, there is an option to hide your wp-admin login on another path so that the hacker cannot find it from your site. This will prevent them from using a brute force attack technique. In addition, you will be able to block incoming known DDoS attacks by filtering out all unwanted traffic. The plugin is free and very easy to use.

8. Defender


Defender is a plugin that offers your website protection with just a few clicks that you need to set up. After that, you will have protection against known malicious attempts: XSS, SQL, Code Injection, RCE, LFI, RFI. And even other attacks through which a hacker can endanger your website.

With its antivirus scan, Defender blocks IP addresses on the black-list and can block an entire IP range. You no longer need to download and look for the latest plugins to help keep your site safe. With Defender, you have all the necessary features.

With one click, you can add so-called security layers to your website that will then be impossible to hack.

Some of these options are:

  • 404 detections,
  • Login Lockout,
  • Blocking PHP Execution attack,

These are just some of the features of this plugin. If you install it, you will be very positively surprised by what other features it has. However, hackers will not be able to use remote code execution on your page.

9. Block Bad Queries

Block Bad Queries

BBQ or Block Bad Queries is a small WordPress security plugin with one essential thing. It can block malicious queries that can lead to a website crash or a database of users. If a hacker tries to perform an XSS or SQL attack, which must contain a bad query, this plugin will activate and block that request.

Also, if someone tries to scan the page for some security vulnerabilities that contain bad queries, then this plugin will kick it out and disable it from scanning. Besides BBQ, you will have a powerful firewall from malicious attacks.

Furthermore, this plugin works smoothly with all other WordPress plugins. So any suspicious action with any queries containing malicious code will have blocked access.

This add-on is very light and can work smoothly without slowing down your website. It’s also free, so you don’t even have to ask for the price of this add-on.

In addition to this plugin, we recommend a well-known strong script called: Emergency Recovery Script. It offers multiple options in the worst and most urgent situations regarding your WordPress as it serves for a speedy recovery of your website. It is important to note that this script is a standalone script and is not dependent on WordPress.

Emergency Recovery Script

This script gives you some of the following options:

  • when you can’t access the admin panel
  • if your files are compromised or deleted
  • if you cannot log in to the page for some reason,
  • if you do a reset password but do not receive your e-mail message, account recovery, and so on.

The script is compelling and has proven effective in the worst and most urgent situations when you run out of hope. I hope there won’t be those bad moments, but you have just read your way out of all the problems if there are.


If you have read the above text carefully, we hope you have extracted helpful information for your WordPress page. Additionally, we hope you have raised your level of knowledge about the security of your site to a slightly higher level.

Also, you will be able to prevent the further spread of cyberattacks, at least on your site. Many of these plugins are a lifeline for websites, so we took the opportunity to explain to you as briefly as possible.

We have to mention that we always go back to our favorite plugin. It is BulletProof Security, so we highly recommend this plugin for your website’s safety.