Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins To Use In 2023

When asked what WordPress is, we can safely say that it is the most powerful platform for creating websites and blogging. Many can install it relatively uncomplicated, and those with experience in web design can design the site they want. WordPress is an open-source program. That means users can familiarize themselves with WordPress work and change it according to their needs. You can forward your changes, additions, or new helpful feature to the community. After that, they will be reviewed and, if necessary, included in the WordPress core. For order and security maintenance, five members of the WordPress development team are allowed to integrate new code into the core.

Plugins extend the capabilities of WordPress. After installing some plugins, we can activate or deactivate them. As you consider adding functionality, it’s also essential to ensure the security of your site with plugins like WP Force SSL for encrypted data transmission, and WP Login Lockdown to deter brute force attacks. Today, there are thousands of WordPress plugins that provide numerous functionalities. The easiest place to find them is in the official WordPress Plugin Directory. You can install a new plugin by clicking the Add New button at the top of the page or selecting the Add New link within the Plugins item in the menu on the right side of the screen. After we have added a new Plugin to our page, we have to turn it on by clicking on the Activate link. With some plugins, some settings need to be adjusted for the same to work. Let’s see the best WordPress Sitemap plugins to use in 2023.

Best WordPress Sitemap plugins

As you know, SEO optimization and ranking are essential for your website. For achieving the best possible ranking on search engines, there are WordPress Sitemap plugins. And believe us, it will do SEO wonders.

The text written on your website in HTML or XML, although seemingly ordinary, is a WordPress Sitemap. On WordPress, this text is usually written in XML, although this is not important now. It’s time to get to know the best WordPress Sitemap Plugins. Although you will often come across opinions that these plugins are unnecessary, try them first. After the rave, we doubt you’ll share that opinion.


WP Sitemap Page


WP Sitemap Page is one of the most widely used Sitemap plugins. A large number of satisfied and enthusiastic users speak of this. This plugin will give you a lot of options. One of the many users most often single out is the uncomplicated insertion of a sitemap into a web page or post. In addition, you can sort posts and categories hierarchically, and get an automatic list of posts, categories, and pages. You can show taxonomies, custom post types, or exclude pages. The great thing is that this plugin is available in multiple languages, so it will be more accessible for you to use.


Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft


The BestWebSoft company has developed a Google Sitemap plugin that is often represented among users. It is uncomplicated to use and attracts a large number of users. In addition, it offers a large number of options. Google Sitemap allows web crawlers to efficiently extract page structure, but it can also help you in index research. Also, it is often used to create XML sitemaps. This plugin will allow you to add pages in an alternative language, and its simple settings will take your breath away. You can add a large number of URLs, add a media map, and connect to the latest version of WordPress.


Final Words

WordPress plugins are small programs that integrate and run on WordPress. This allows you to build almost any website using WordPress (not just blogs). In this article, we have presented two of the most commonly used WordPress Sitemap plugins. These two plugins are the most common choice for users. You have had the opportunity to see that both have many options that you can take advantage of. You make a decision based on your needs.