The Best Solar Powered Water Pumps For 2020 (Reviewed)

After testing 15 solar water pumps for more than 180 hours, we are convinced that AEO Solar Water Pump Kit is the best option available for most people. This oil-free solar powered water pump can make your garden look beautiful. It not only has a long lasting service life but is also waterproof.

A solar powered water pump any day makes a better choice than an electric pump. The main advantage of using a solar pump is that it doesn’t require any electricity to operate. It is completely run by solar energy. By installing one such piece in your yard or garden, you can save a lot of money on your energy bills.

For those who want to beautify their garden or want an attractive birdbath, installing a solar powered fountain pump is the best option for you. These type of water pumps hardly requires any maintenance and therefore, they make a great choice for people who are on a busy schedule.

There are different types of solar water pumps available out there. For example, some comes with battery backup while others don’t. Then there are surface water pumps and submersible water pumps. If you are not sure what to get for your garden, then you are in the right place. To help you out, we have laid down a detailed guide that will help you select the right solar water pump for your yard or garden. We have reviewed nine of the best solar water pumps that you can buy.

The 9 Best Solar Powered Water Pumps

Product Reviews

Power: 10 watt

Design: Submersible

AEO Solar Panel & Water Pump KIT makes an ideal choice for various garden projects like pond circulation, solar fountains, aquaculture, aquariums, solar education, greenhouses, boating, etc.

It includes a 10-watt solar panel along with a 2 pin waterproof connector. Unlike many other solar power pumps, this one is easy to setup and use. All you have to do is simply plug it in and turn it on.

This is a fully submersible solar powered water pump and is suitable for fresh or salt water. It has the capacity to give you higher levels of output which is made possible with the 10 watt Polycrystalline solar panel.

The panel and brushless motor work together to direct the output where it is required. What users like about this solar powered water pumping is that it lasts as long as up to 20,000 hours throughout its entire lifetime. It also allows you to buy separate items from the kit to replace and add-on elements.

What do reviewers say?

Reviewers seems to have a positive opinion about this model as most of them have rated highly. The oil free design to prevent water contamination is what they loved the most.

Some of them even mentioned about the high power output of the pump. For those who had a preference for a long lasting solar water pump, they simply loved the model as it comes with 20,000 hours of operation.

They even loved the ease of setup as it required no wiring. However, they did have a problem with the small size of the solar panel.

Features & Considerations

The unit is easy to setup as there is no wiring involved. All it takes is for you to connect rechargeable battery and other DC power source and turn it on.

It has a brushless motor which is designed for 24/7 operation and gives you more than 20,000 hours. It can generate up to 200-gallon water flow every hour under full daylight. It is equipped with a 10-watt polycrystalline solar panel made with aluminium frame. Along with that it also has a ground stake.

The unit is fish safe as it doesn’t require any lubrication. Due to the oil-free design, it also prevents water contamination.

It is provided with an easy to removable pump cage and kit with 2 spray patterns adapters. The product also carries 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The High Points

  • Oil free design prevents water contamination 
  • Durable aluminium frame

The Not-So

  • The solar panel is very small which sometimes creates a problem in continually receiving the sun.

Power: 20 watt

Design: Submersible

Choosing a solar water pump can be difficult, especially when you have less knowledge about the factors to consider. But we would recommend you to check out Solariver Solar Water Pump Kit. The unit is as good as the previous model, we discussed. But in terms of cost, AEO solar water pump kit still wins the battle.

Solariver Solar Pump Kit is an efficient unit that can be used in different places like hydroponics, aquaponics, large fountains, streams, ponds, animal troughs and greenhouses.

Although the unit has a higher price tag, it is worth the money. This is an efficient solar water pump that is designed to last long. This durable submersible pump has a long lifespan of 20,000 hours or more.

Many solar water pumps usually experience clogging. To avoid any such problem, this unit is equipped with a pre-filter. This helps in stopping debris and other from clogging the impeller. The pre-filter used is made of a non-toxic material, so that you don’t have to worry about harming fish or other aquatic animals.

What reviewers say?

Reviewers have praised this unit a lot. The ease of setup is what impressed them the most. Unlike many other solar pumps, this unit could provide them with instant power without any extra wiring or hassles. The easy plug and play setup saves a lot of time.

They also liked the fact that it is provided with a 16 inch long cord. This allowed them to keep the pump further away.

Reviewers were also pleased to see how well the pump performed even during cloudy days. Many of them even liked it because it has a long life span and also that it runs without any problem.

The only thing that bothered the reviewers is the high price tag. It is one of the most expensive solar power pumps listed on the market. Few of them even mentioned that despite the high price tag, it doesn’t have any battery backup.

Features & Considerations

This unit is designed to moves large volumes of water without plugging into the grid. This makes an ideal choice for a variety of applications including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, natural pools and anywhere else where you want to save power. With this solar pump, you can save money on your energy bills.

The unit is durable and long lasting. It offers you more than 20,000 hours of operation. This is an efficient submersible brushless magnetic pump equipped with a pre-filter that prevents clogging of the impeller. The pre-filter is made with high quality, non-toxic materials meaning it’s safe for fish and other aquatic life.

It has an aluminium frame and comes with a stake. The product is also backed by 1 year manufacturer warranty along with a 100% money back guarantee.

The High Points

  • Works well in salt and fresh water
  • Equipped with a brushless magnetic motor
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications

The Not-So

  • It doesn’t have backup battery

3. Solatec Solar Fountain – Budget Pick

Power: 1.4 watt

Design: Submersible

Solatec Solar Function Pump is a stylish bird bath that will make your neighbours feel jealous of you. This solar bird bath is weather-resistant and thus, it makes an ideal choice to be used outdoors. It is an attractive piece that can easily attract birds.

It is made of high quality Polycrystalline Silicon and is waterproof. It is provided with four different nozzles which helps changing the height of the water. The water could rise up to 30 to 50 cms approx. This is an eco-friendly solar fountain pump that doesn’t require any battery to operate. You are provided with an instruction manual so that you can DIY install it.

This is an ideal option for birdbaths, bird baths, pool and garden. This solar fountain is not only energy efficient but it is also cost effective. This could be the perfect choice for people who are looking for a budget friendly option. With this stylish solar fountain pump you can make your garden look more attractive.

What reviewers say?

Reviewers love this solar fountain simply because it is cheap and attractive. It is especially designed to attract birds and decorate your garden.

They also love it because it is eco-friendly and helps save a lot on energy bills. It can start working automatically in just few seconds, after obtaining sunlight. Most users find it convenient as the unit doesn’t require any battery to operate.

The beautiful design of this solar fountain have appealed a many of them. They say that it is not only attractive to the birds but even for the visitors. The ease of use and convenient design have got this unit a lot of positive reviews.

Features & Considerations

This is a competent solar panel that is powered completely with solar energy. Unlike many other solar fountains, it doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to operate. It comes with an eco-friendly design that helps you save money.

It is provided with 4 different types of nozzle heads for spraying. Using these nozzle heads you can change the height of water.

The good thing about this solar pump is that can be used for multiple applications. You can use it for fish tank, bird bath, pool, garden, small pond, and water circulation for oxygen. By installing this solar fountain you can decorate the garden beautifully.

It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is let the pump float on the water. Once the panels gain sunlight, it will start working automatically in just few seconds. The more the sunlight, the better it will work.

The High Points

  • Works automatically after obtaining sunlight 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Eco-friendly

The Not-So

  • The panels of this fountain will work only when they are exposed to direct sunlight
  • It may not work properly under shadows or anything that blocks sunlight

4. Viajero Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump – Best Solar Bird Bath

Power: 2.5 watt

Design: Free standing

Viajero solar fountain makes a great fit for your garden. It can store the excess electricity in the battery which enables the pump to spray even when it’s cloudy outside. Unlike other solar water fountains, this doesn’t stop working without sunlight.

It is made premium quality brushless pump and solar laminated panel that is meant to last longer. They will not break or get damaged easily. Even when the solar panels are blocked by 3 to 4 pieces, it will continue to give you constant flow.

This can be a perfect addition to your garden. You can even gift it to friends and family, especially the people who love their gardens a little too much.

It is also equipped with idling and blocking protection. When the fountain is blocked by impurities or not in the water, the pump will stop working automatically. This helps prevent the pump from drying run and burn out. It is designed to give you a long service life.

This solar powered pump is also easy to assemble and dissemble. You can easily use it for multiple applications like fish tank, swimming pool, small pond, water circulation for oxygen, garden decoration etc.

What reviewers say?

The positive thing about this solar water pump is that it has received a lot of good reviews from the users. It has even impressed the reviewers with its features and performance. The reviewers appreciated the fact that the model is been upgraded by the company.

Some of them even mentioned, how easy it is to assemble and dissemble. Along with that they also liked the product because of the excellent after sale service. They were offered with reliable customer service for 24 hours. Not just that but the product can be returned within 3 months of purchase.

Many of them also like it because it has a compact design which allowed them to move the pump easily. They also mentioned the fact that the solar pump stops working in case of shortage of water. They wanted to say that one should not think to the pump to be damaged. On restarting the pump, it will start working again.

Features & Considerations

This solar fountain is a fantastic addition to your garden. Considering its design and performance, it could serve as the perfect gift for your friends and family.

One of the many specialities of this solar panel is that it will continue to operate even when it is blocked by 3 to 4 pieces. It will give you constant flow even in that state. Whereas other solar pumps will stop working immediately, when they are blocked.

Unlike other solar fountain, this one makes use of high-quality solar laminates that won't deform or break. In other words, they are designed to last longer than you expect.

Another good thing about this pump is that it will automatically stop working, when struck by impurities or there is shortage of water. This is to prevent the pump from burning out. All you have to do is clean the pump and then restart it again.

The product can be returned for free within 3 months of purchase, in case you face any problem with it.

The High Points

  • It can work normally even after getting blocked
  • Idling and blocking protection
  • 800 mAh battery backup

The Not-So

  • Due to the lightweight of the fountain, it floats away when exposed to winds and spray outside the bath

5. AISITIN 1000mAh 5.0W Solar Fountain Pump – Best Small Solar Fountain

Power: 5 watts

Design: Floating

If you are looking for a highly portable and small solar water pump, then this could be the one for you. The compact design of the pump allows you to shift it easily from one place to another. Not just that, but it also lasts the longest. It has a built-in battery rated 1000mAh. Due to its large capacity, you can even use it for commercial applications. This makes an ideal choice for larger landscapes such as fountains and decorative spaces.

It also comes with six spray water patterns or styles. However, the good thing is that you can adjust the sprays as per your expectations. With the help of this pump, you can decorate your garden easily. It is also equipped with the automatic power-off feature that is meant for your safety. Also, it is easy to install.

What reviewers say?

This solar pump have left a good impression on the reviewers. They loved the model because of the compact design. They found that it was easier for them to carry it from one place to another. Unlike other bigger solar pumps, the shifting was hassle free.

They also appreciated the built-in battery feature which keeps the pump running even in the evening. Not just that but they could also run the pump in cloudy days where many of the solar pumps fail.

The 6 spray nozzle heads also got their attention. They found it very convenient to use and adjust the height of water with it. Lastly, they also mentioned the automatic power-off feature. They found this feature to be really useful as it helped extending the life of the product. Overall, they have a good rating to this solar pump.

Features & Considerations

This solar fountain water pump is equipped with high-quality solar panels that allows the water pump to work continuously, even during cloudy days.

It has a built-in battery that can automatically store solar energy during the day time and use it in the evening or night. This is an eco-friendly, green solar water pump.

One of the many good things about this solar pump is that it has 6 different nozzles that are provided to meet your different needs. Using these nozzle heads you can change the height and pattern of water. You can even adjust the nozzles to avoid spilling water out of the basin. Changing the spray head is also easy.

This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a multi-functional solar pump. You can use it for a variety of applications including fish tank, bird bath, garden, pond etc. By installing this attractive solar water pump you can catch the attention of the passers-by. It will make your garden look beautiful.

It is also equipped with the automatic power-off protection. This enables the pump to stop working automatically when there is no water. This ensures that the pump will last longer. All you have to do is just lean the pump regularly to prevent the pump from being clogged with debris and dust.

The High Points

  • Portable solar water pump
  • Long lasting battery
  • 6 different water style sprayers

The Not-So

  • Poor performance on cloudy days

Power: 25 watts

Design: Submersible

This is an ideal option for people who are looking for a powerful solar water pump for their pond. This solar pump can be used to cater larger spaces. This is a 647 GPH single solar panel with 25W solar powered pond pump.

It comes with a proprietary solar brushless pump that helps in reducing maintenance issues. Under full sunlight, it can work like a horse. However, it does not come with a battery backup.

This solar pump kit includes 16 feet of plastic hose that can be readily connected to a waterfall or filtration system. With this solar pump, you are all set. It includes solar panels so there is nothing that you will have to buy separately.

It weighs around five pounds and is very easy to clean. It is also equipped with dry run cut off meaning it helps save some water, in case there is a leak somewhere. It will automatically stop working when there is no water. It comes with a brush less DC motor with a failure proof shaft seal and carbon brush, ensuring a long service life.

What reviewers say?

The power and performance of this solar pump have impressed a lot of reviewers. This is one of the most powerful options you will find.

It has also received good reviews because of its efficiency. You can connect the pump directly with any water filter you want. Reviewers also liked the excellent after sales service where most companies fail to impress.

They also like it because it includes solar panels meaning you don’t have to buy it separately. They have rated this product as one of the best option out there. Reviewers who have a big garden area seems to have liked the product more.

Features & Considerations

This is a large powerful solar pumps that is suitable for large ponds, fountains, water features and gardens. This solar brushless pump is a major breakthrough for solar water pumps.

This solar water pump kit is complete with a 16 feet plastic hose that can be easily connected to the pump to a filter box or waterfall. On a bright sunny day, it can start working in just few minutes.

It is provided with a 16 ft of electrical cable which can be further extended to over 16 feet lengths. The pump weighs over five pounds so it can be a little difficult for you to move it.

Unlike many other solar pumps, this is easy to clean. When the need arises, you can clean the solar panels to maintain the efficiency of the pump. In the event of no water, the pump will stop working automatically. This prevents the pump from burning out.

It also has a reliable and maintenance-free brushless DC motor which is equipped with a failure proof carbon brush and shaft seal. Well, this is what makes the solar pump long lasting.

You are also provided with an exceptional after sales service seven days a week. In case you face any issue with the pump, you can give them a call.

The High Points

  • Very powerful solar pump
  • Includes solar pump
  • Ready to connect to waterfall or filtration system

The Not-So

  • Doesn’t include battery backup

7. VIVOHOME Outdoor Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump – Best Solar Pump with LED Lights

Power: 0.5 watt

Design: Floating

This LED solar water pump can be a great addition to your garden or yard. The main attraction of this solar pump is the LED lights. This is a great way of adding variety to your garden. This is a perfect solar pump for pools, ponds, bird baths, fish tanks and fountains. With the help of this solar pump you can cool off the surrounding area for birds and pets.

This solar pump is designed for outdoor use. Unlike submersible pumps, this one floats on the water surface and gets direct energy from the sun to run automatically. The good thing about this solar pump is that it is very easy to set up.

It is provided with multiple fountain heads using which you can adjust the water patterns as per your needs. It is not only suitable for your pond and fountains but you can even use it to decorate your garden. It is also equipped with a built-in battery that allows it to operate even on cloudy days. The LED lights are not just for decoration but it also brightens the fountain for the birds to see in the night.

What reviewers say?

Reviewers have rated this solar pump to be fifty-fifty. They love the product because of its innovativeness, i.e. the LED lights. It makes it easier for the birds to see the fountain in the night. But as far as performance is concerned, the reviewers are not that impressed.

They are of the opinion, this is an average performer. Although, it is equipped with built-in battery but it cannot stay alive for more than 2 hours after the sun goes down. However, they seemed to like the other features of the pump. For example, the multiple spray nozzle heads is what made the pump more appealing to them.

Features & Considerations

This is an eye-catching solar water pump that can be used for multiple applications including fish tanks, ponds, fountains, bird bath etc.

This floating solar water pump is also eco-friendly as it is entirely powered by solar energy. With the built-battery it stores the extra electricity to use later. This enables the pump to operate for 2 hours even after the sun is down.

It is also very easy to use. It floats on the water surface, while the LED lights brightens the surroundings. With the help of this LED light solar pump, you can decorate your garden the right way. Not just that but it provides brightness to birds at night. However, you should be informed that the LED lights will not go on for the whole night.

With this solar water pump you can get various water patterns. The nozzle heads provided with the pump are easy to change. Not just that but the pump itself is easy to assemble.

To get the best out of this solar pump, you need to make sure that there is sufficient water, especially on sunny days. It will only work in direct sunlight and when there’s enough water. It will start working after 3 seconds in direct sunlight.

The High Points

  • Equipped with LED lights
  • Can run without sunlight for few hours

The Not-So

  • Low quality solar water pump

8. PWS Stainless 316 Deep Well Submersible Pump – Best Professional Solar Well Pump

Power: 120 watts

Design: Submersible

This solar water deep well pump is different from the rest of the options in our list. Unlike the other solar pumps on the list, this is not meant for small ponds or fountains. This is a professional solar pump that can be run for 24/7 with batteries. Whether its day or night, this solar pump can serve you for all day long.

This is one of the most powerful solar pumps you will find. It is made with stainless steel which makes it more durable and long lasting. However, this also makes it heavy and therefore, you can relocate it easily.

This solar pump makes the ideal option for deep well use. With the help of this solar pump, you can easily pump water. This is suitable for areas where there is no electricity like in the dessert and rural areas. It is meant for both home and industrial use.

What reviewers say?

Reviewers simply love this professional solar pump. Other than the heavy weight, they hardly have any complains with this model. They like it because of its powerful performance. They love the fact that this can be used for deep wells.

Many of them are also happy with the excellent customer service they received from the team. Other than that they like the product because they could use it in areas where there is no supply of electricity.

Another feature that impressed them is that it can run 24/7 with the help of batteries. There are very less solar water pumps that gives you such great performance. To top it all, it is also quite durable and made of stainless steel.

However, many of them complained about the solar panels that are not included with the product. They had to buy it separately to start using the pump.

Features & Considerations

For those who are looking for a professional solar powered water pump can opt for this model. This stainless steel deep well submersible pump can be used for multiple applications. You can use this pump for both industrial and home use.

Just like many other solar water pumps, you can power this one with the help of batteries. This allows you to get water any time as it can power the pump 24/7.

The only thing about this solar pump is that it doesn’t include solar panels. To get the best results, you need to connect it with solar panels which you need to buy separately. This will cost you some extra charges but that is worth the investment.

This solar pump also has a very high energy conversion rate. In addition, it is environmental-friendly means you don’t have to feel guilty about polluting your surrounding in any way.

It is equipped with water shortage sensors enables the pump to switch off if the if the water level has fallen below the well pump intake or header tank is full.

The MPPT controller drives the brush-less DC pump motor to ensure maximum flow under all light conditions. Not just that but it also protects the pump from frequent start up, running dry and overheating.

With this solar pump you will also get 100% customer satisfaction. They offer you 24/7 after sales service. In case of any issue, you can give them a call and they will be happy to support you.

The High Points

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Very powerful
  • Can be connected to battery to run 24/7

The Not-So

  • It is very heavy and therefore, you cannot move it easily
  • Doesn’t include solar panels so you will have to invest separately

Power: 10 watts

Design: Submersible

If you want to decorate your garden with a nice fountain or bird bath, then this solar water pump could be the best option for you. It comes with a durable panel that gives you a stronger water height for a long time.

This solar water pump is an ideal option for big birdbaths, fish tanks, pools and garden decoration. It gives you a water height of 6.5 feet and a lift height of 26 feet. You can install the panel in two ways to suit your garden. This will allow you to get the optimum use of the sunlight. You can also mount the panel on the wall or fix it on ground with the help of extra screws that are provided in the kit.

It comes with a 16.4 feet long cord that allows it to get a long duration of sunlight. The main attractive feature of this solar pump is the fountain heads. You are provided with two fountain heads including mushroom and blossom. They can be easily interchanged. They are designed to give you unique spray patterns. Along with that it also get a filter bag attached to it that helps prevent clogging.

What reviewers say?

Reviewers who are fond of decorating their garden or yard really loved the features and performance of this product. The two spray heads to adjust the water patterns is what impressed them the most. They were also happy to see how easy it was to change the spray heads according to their convenience.

They also mentioned about the filter bag that prevented the pump from getting clogged. This feature was unique to this model so it got a lot of attention from them.

However, they were a bit upset about the panel as they stopped working even in little shade. This means the pump will not work in the evening or night or even on cloudy days. Other than this, they have no problem with this model.

Features & Considerations

This is a 10W large solar water pump. It comes with a higher wattage rating in comparison to other solar pond pumps. It puts out more energy to allow the water flow and circulate continuously.

With the two spray heads mushroom and blossom, you can adjust the water patterns easily. It is also provided with a longer cable cord from the pump to the solar panel, so that it can get the sun most of the day. You can install the fountain in the shade but the panel needs to be place under the sun.

It comes with a filter bag that prevents the solar pump from getting blocked with dirt and debris. It also has metal bracket which allows you to install the pump in two different ways. You can either place it on the ground or mount it on the wall.

The High Points

  • Comes with multiple spray heads
  • Suitable for big bird baths, ponds etc.

The Not-So

  • The panel is sensitive and stops even in little shade

Who is this for?

A solar powered water fountain pump not only functional but they also have an aesthetic value. This could be the perfect edition to your garden or yard. A solar water pump is meant to be used outdoors. So if you have an enough space to accommodate an artificial pond or fountain, then you can use it for beautification.

The main advantage of having a solar powered water pump is that it can work without much maintenance. It operates automatically on solar energy so you don’t have to pay enough attention to it. A solar water pump can be used by anyone who has an interest in beautifying their home.

There are different types of solar pumps available including submersible and surface pumps. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Not just that but they are also available in different sizes.

If you are wondering who should get a solar water pump, anybody can have it installed in their garden.  A solar water pump can be used by a wide category of people.

  • If you want to have a fountain or bird bath in your garden, then you can find a solar water pump to be really useful. It can help you aerate the existing pond.
  • You can use a solar water pump when you don’t have an electric outlet or you are unable to run a cord in your garden. Since a solar pump is powered by solar energy, you don’t need any electric outlet you’re your garden area. It can work automatically without causing any disturbance.
  • If you want to make your existing pond look and sound better, then you can use a solar water pump. They are eco-friendly and noiseless. The good thing is that they don’t emit any harmful fumes. The relaxing sound of the fountain can give you a good feel.
  • For those who want to beautify their garden can opt for a solar water pump. You can install solar water fountain pump or a birdbath to transform your garden into a peaceful place. You can relax in your garden during your leisure time.
  • If you are conscious about your surrounding and the environment, then a solar water pump would be the best option for you. That’s because they are eco-friendly and do not produce any harmful pollutants in the addition, they are also operate in silence. This means you can use a solar water pump without causing any disturbance to your neighbours or anyone else around you.
  • A solar water pump can also be useful for your summer house where you have no electricity. Well, this is the main advantage of a solar water pump. It doesn’t require any electricity to run. The solar panels absorb solar energy in the day time, then convert it into electricity to run the pump. If you have opted for a battery equipped device, then it can even store the extra energy to use it later in the evening or night.
  • For people who want a temporary solution for their garden fountains can make use of a solar water pump. Not only fountains but you can also use it for your fish pond, hydroponics, garden decoration, aquaculture and pond aeration.
  • Solar water pumps are also used for professional deep well pumps. This could be the perfect solution when you need a permanent water flow solution but don’t have electricity in the place you are living. For example, you can get it for your summer house. You can also use it in desert areas, fields etc. all you have to do is to install them and they can operate on their own.
  • If you are  someone who have hardly have any time to maintain your fountain, fish pond or bird bath, you can use a solar water pump. That’s because they can work with very little maintenance. All you have to do is clean the solar panels from time to time to maintain the efficiency of the water pump. Other than that there is hardly anything to do. Therefore, they make a convenient option for people with busy schedules.
  • You can also gift it to someone who have a large garden space. A solar fountain pump can serve as a great gift item for your family and friends. This is something that they will surely like. They can use it to beautify their garden.

If you can relate to any of the above situations, then you should totally go for a solar powered water pump. They are available in all price ranges, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a model within your budget. If you have a small garden space, a small pump will do. In case you have a bigger area in your yard, then you can opt for a bigger solar pump. They are inexpensive items that can benefit you in many ways.

How we chose our best solar water pumps?

It took us several hours of research to find the best solar powered pumps for you. We have checked each and every model thoroughly to make sure that they deserve to be in this list. We have reviewed every product based on some important parameters that are listed below.

When it comes to buying a solar water pump, there are many things that needs to be considered. We have considered each of these factors to select our best products. All the products mentioned are top-rated models and are the best in their categories. We have included only the products that have met our set criteria and requirements. That being said, let’s walk you through the criteria.


A solar water pump kit is supposed to include everything that is required for its installation. This ensures that you don’t have to buy anything separately. This include solar panels which is the most important part as it helps in absorbing the solar energy. A solar water pump kit must also have a water pump that keeps the water flowing. The kit should also come with an instruction manual so that it becomes easier for you to install it. The instruction guide should have the installation steps explained in details

Solar Powered Water Pump Kit illustration

Some of the solar water pumps also come with different nozzle heads. You can change the nozzle heads to adjust the height of water. In other words, it will help you change the water pattern as per your needs so that it doesn’t water outside the basin.

The products we have included in the list include everything in the kit. This means you don’t have to spend any extra money to buy any parts separately. Once you buy the kit, you are all set to install it in your garden.

Easy to Install and Remove

A solar water pump should be easy to install and remove. The installation process should be easy enough for you to DIY without any professional help. The least you need is an instruction manual for the steps. The good thing is all solar water pump kits are provided with a manual guide.

There are times when you may feel like shifting the solar pump to a new place. In that case, it should be easy to remove. A lightweight and compact solar pump is easy to remove than a bigger one. Large solar pumps takes a portable platform to be shifted as they have huge panels. But with smaller pumps you don’t have to face any of that.

In this list, you will find all compact and lightweight models. We have included products that are mainly meant to be used at home and not for professional purposes. So if you want to relocate your solar pump, you don’t have to put in much effort or require any portable platform. You can simply shift it by carrying it from one place to another.

Pond Size Suitability

As you may already know there are different sizes of solar pumps available out there. From small to large, you get all sizes of solar pumps. You need to select a size depending on the size of your pond. For example, if you have a bigger pond, you will need a bigger solar pump and vice versa.

The products we have mentioned are meant to be used at home. Our list include small to medium sized solar water pumps that can be easily installed in your pond or garden.

Solar Fountain Pump dimensions

Long Working Life

A good solar water pump can last up to 20 to 25 years straight and that too with very little maintenance. Buying a solar pump is more like a one-time investment. Once you get the product, it will last you a lifetime. However, you need to make sure that you are buying a high quality pump.

The solar pumps included in the list are all top quality products that are designed to serve you for years. Even with very little maintenance, they can last up to 20 years or more. We have selected every product after going through their reviews.


Some of the high quality solar pumps are equipped with a pre-filter that prevents the impeller from getting clogged with debris. This is a special feature that you will not find in all the solar water pumps. The pre-filter is usually made of non-toxic materials so that it’s not harmful for any aquatic plants or fishes.

We have included solar water pumps that are equipped with pre-filters so that you can get the best experience. These solar pumps are suitable to be used in a fish pond or bird bath. That’s because they will not cause any harm to them. If you are planning to buy a solar water pump, it’s better to opt for a model that comes with a pre-filter.

Non-toxic to fish, frogs and other aquatic life

When it comes to installing a solar water pump, you have to make sure that it is not harmful to any aquatic plants, animals and fish. Not all solar pumps are good for aquatic life. If you are going to install the solar pump in a fish pond, then it is very important that you check the machine thoroughly.

Solar water pumps that are equipped with pre-filters made with non-toxic materials are safe for aquatic life. Solar water pumps with an oil-free design are also safe for aquatic plants and animals because they don’t contaminate the water.

All the products included in the list are safe to use. Whether you have fishes or not, it’s better to opt for a safe solar water pump.

Battery Backup

Another important thing about solar pumps is the built-in battery. Not all solar pumps come with battery backups. Having a solar pump with battery backup can be beneficial to you in many ways. The main function of the in-built battery is to store the extra electricity that is used by the machine later in the evening or night. It can even keep the pump running in cloudy days. But this is not possible with a solar pump without battery backup.

Almost all the solar pumps in this list comes with a battery backup. This makes these solar pumps more efficient. If you want to have a continuous flow of water, then you should go for a model that has battery backup.

Additional features

Some of the high grade solar panels are equipped with additional features like LED lights. This makes the solar pump more attractive. In other words, it increases the aesthetic value of the pump. In the night time, the LED lights will make the solar visible. The LED lights are also powered by solar energy so you don’t have to worry about running it on batteries or electricity.

You can find one LED solar water pump in our list. Although it’s not the best solar pump but it can work nicely in a small fish tank, pond etc.

Durability and Efficiency

If you want your solar water to last longer, then it has to be a durable one. You should know that not all solar pumps are made equal. Some are obviously more durable and efficient than the others. You should go for a model that is made with high quality aluminium frame. This will ensure a long lasting service life for your solar. Also, the pump should be encased in cast iron. Before getting the pump home, you should check its durability.

You can choose any of the model from our list as they are all made of high quality materials. These solar pumps are not only durable but also very efficient. They can give you a continuous flow of water both in the day and night time.

Solar panels included

The next important thing you need to check is whether the solar pump comes with solar panels. It is one of the most important part as it helps in trapping the solar energy. Most of the solar pumps these days include solar panels so that you don’t have to buy them separately. This helps you save money. When buying a solar pump make sure that it has solar panels in the kit.

We have included few products in our list that comes with solar panels. We have included such products so that you don’t have to spend extra on buying solar panels separately.

Warranty and After Sales Support

When you buy a product, you expect to get a good customer support. Along with that you must also check the warranty duration of the product. The longer the warranty period, the better the product. After sales support is important so that you can call them when you are faced with problems with your solar pump. But sadly, not all brands offer you with a dedicated after sales support.

But you don’t have to worry as we have included the brands that are known to offer an excellent after sales support. Not just that but you are also provided with a warranty period. It is better not to opt for a product without a warranty as you will have no solution, if your pump breaks down.

Solar water pumps are one of the best solar devices ever made. You can use them for multiple applications. Whether it is your fish pond or fountain, you can use a solar water pump to continue the flow of water. The best thing about solar powered pumps is that they don’t need any electricity to operate. They run on their own and requires very little maintenance. With so many benefits, it is any day better to opt for a solar powered water pump instead of an electric water pump. Now that you know the basics of solar water pumps, it should be easier for you to find the best solar pumps for your use. You can select any of the products mentioned that best suits your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a solar fountain pump work on a cloudy day?

Whether your solar fountain will work on a cloudy day or not is based on how bright it is. A solar fountain will work the best on a bright sunny day. It can function on a bright cloudy day but not as strong as usual. They can produce up to 10 to 25% of electric energy on a typical cloudy day. However, this amount is too less in comparison to a bright sunny day. Solar panels cannot store solar energy and therefore, they cannot function on a completely cloudy day or in the night.

Please see the video below to understand the difference in output on sunny vs cloudy day. 

2. Can you use a solar pump in the winter?

Yes, you can very well use your solar powered water pump in the winter, provided that the temperature is not below freezing. For those who live in freezing cold regions should bring their solar pumps indoors to prevent it from getting damaged. Below freezing temperature will crack and damage your solar pump. The solar panels are not designed to withstand such harsh weather conditions. This is why you are advised to bring it in and store it in a warm place. You can enjoy it, if you have an AC adapter. You need to drain your solar pump before the temperature goes below freezing.

3. Where should you place your solar panel?

Tiered solar fountains are equipped with solar panels that goes up to 15 feet away from the fountain itself. The solar panel is hooked to the pump and is placed away from the fountain where it can get maximum exposure to sunlight. You can have many placement options for your solar pump. For instance, you can place it on your landscape or grass, mount it or make it stand on a flat, hard surface. Solar birdbaths are designed with their solar panels on the top of the fountain. This allows them to get the sun directly and thus, make the water flow.

If you want to be very precise, please follow the video below to find that perfect tilt and angle for your solar pond pump panel. 

4. Is it safe to use a solar powered water pump in water?

Yes, it is safe to use a solar pump in the water. Submersible solar pumps are designed to be used in water. They are encased in cast-iron housing that helps in isolating the electrical and working parts of the unit. The manufacturer also shields all the cables and sealed them with rubber. All the safety precautions are followed to prevent any incident of electrocution. However, both the rubber shielding and casing does not guarantee that the pump will never have any contact with water. There is always some amount of risk involved in it. The simple reason behind it is that water and electricity do not mix. Therefore, you need to be careful while handling a solar pump in water.

5. Does a solar pump work at night?

A solar pump can work in the night, only if it has a battery backup. Now the thing is that not all solar pumps come with battery backups. Solar panels absorb excess solar energy in the day time and then store it in the battery banks. In the night, they use the stored electric energy to run the pump. If you want your solar pump to run even in the night, then you should get a model that has a good battery backup. They seemed to be more convenient than the ones that don’t have battery banks.

6. What are the main benefits of having a solar fountain pump?

Having a solar fountain pump can give you plenty of benefits. They work the best in areas where there is enough sunlight and temperature stays above freezing in the winters. Some of the main advantages of using a solar fountain are:

  • They can function without any electrical outlet.
  • They don’t use any electricity and thus, help you save money on your energy bills.
  • They are eco-friendly as they don’t produce any noise or emissions while working.
  • They don’t require any maintenance at all.
  • They are also very easy to use.
  • You can place them anywhere in your garden or yard, away from your home.

7. How does a solar powered water pump work?

From catching solar energy and converting it into electric energy, there are a lot of steps involved in between. There are enough energy present in photons in sunlight. They push electrons from their orbit in many elements including silicone, which is present in most solar cells.

In the first step an imbalance is created in between positively and negatively charged particles in the silicon. This is achieved by adding phosphorus and boron. This results in an electrical field in the silicon. When the silicon is struck by photons, the electrical field pushes the electrons and thus, creates a negatively charged side. The protons left on the other side of the cell surface creates a positive charge. Both the sides are connected with the help of an indirect circuit which helps the electrons flow into the load and thus, create electricity.

8. How long can a solar pump work on batteries e.g. at night?

It is completely dependent on the size of your battery. The duration can range from 1-2 hours to 24/7 depending on the size. Opting for a larger battery size is always beneficial as it can store more electric energy. This will help your solar pump to run for longer and even in the night. Let’s say, you have a bigger battery size means it will store more electric energy. If there is less sunlight or cloudy, the next day, your water pump will continue to run because of the excess energy stored.

9. Can you use a solar pump indoors?

Yes, you can use a solar pump indoors. Tiered solar fountains come with AC adapters which allows you to use it inside your home. You should be informed that the AC adapter is meant to be used only indoors, so you shouldn’t be using it outdoors or on a covered porch. During the winters when the temperature drops below freezing, you can bring your solar pump inside to enjoy it with the AC adapter.

10. Can you relocate a solar pump from one place to another?

Yes, you can definitely relocate your solar pump to another place. It is easier to relocate a smaller solar pump than a bigger one. In case of larger pumps, the process is bit difficult. It is rather exhausting and expensive. That’s because you need a portable platform to shift the solar panels. But in case of a smaller pump, you don’t have to go through all of this. All you have to do is simply take the pump and place it at its new desired location.

11. Can you improve the flow rate by using more solar panels?

If you want to increase the flow rate of your solar pump, then you can do so by increasing the number of solar panels. However, at the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t surpass the voltage limit of your solar pump. The maximum flow rate of a solar pump cannot be increased, but the extra panels will help your pump to work efficiently even in cloudy days or during the evening time. You need to keep all these points in mind before adding extra panel to your solar pump.

12. What maintenance is required for solar pumps?

The main advantage of having solar pumps is that they need very minimal maintenance. They make the ideal choice for people who are busy and have very less time to look into all this. If you are someone with a busy schedule, then you should definitely get a solar pump, instead of an electric one.

All you have to do is clean the panels on a regular basis. This will help you to maintain the efficiency of the panels. In other words, it will expose the surface of the panels to the sunlight more and prevent it from getting covered with dust and dirt. Also solar powered water pumps are known to have a longer life expectancy than diesel pumps. They can give you a long lasting service up to 5 years.

13. Can harsh weather conditions affect a solar pump? What measures should be taken?

Almost all modern day solar panels are equipped with safety features. They are designed to withstand harsh weather outside. However, in case, the solar panel is hit by lightning, it can bring considerable damage to it. However, you can mitigate the risk of a lightning strike with the integration of an external lightning protection system with your unit.

During a cyclone or storm, the panel will get damaged, if the surface supporting it collapses. If you live in a cyclone and storm prone area, then you should take special steps to build a strong foundation to install your fixed solar panel. During storms or cyclones, you should keep the array horizontally, so it offers minimum resistance to the wind.

14. What type of solar pump is better, AC or DC?

When it comes to solar powered water pumps, you will get two options to two choose from. This include AC and DC. You should choose the one based on your convenience.

In terms of higher efficiency, DC pumps are known to have an advantage over AC pumps. Also, it doesn’t require any inverter to operate. But DC are more expensive than AC pumps. Not just that but even maintaining and repairing a DC pump is more difficult, especially in rural areas. That’s because there are very few service centres in such remote areas.

15. Should you use a submersible or surface solar pump?

You need to choose between a surface and a submersible pump based on the water source and groundwater level. In case of a bore well, it is advised you to use a submersible pump. If it is a pond, open well, etc., then using a surface pump is better. Surface pumps are used when the water level is below 10 meters.


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