Best Way to Clean Solar Panels and Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar panels are one of those types of equipment that keep getting dirty regularly. By dirty we mean that dust, as well as dirt, gets accumulated on them over sometime. Although, solar panels are low maintenance equipment, but cleaning them at regular intervals makes these equipment keep functioning properly. Here, we will tell you about the best way to clean solar panels.

Best effective ways to clean solar panels - WoahTech

Check instructions to avoid damage and scratches

Always make sure that you check the instructions given by the manufacturers about best way to clean solar panels before cleaning your solar panels. It must be done as it’ll make sure that no kind of damage is done to your panel. We are recommending this because some manufacturers recommend that their products should be switched off during the cleaning process. Of course, some manufacturers don’t recommend switching off the device before cleaning it. You should also avoid going to the roof to clean your panels. It might be dangerous for your panels as well as for you too.


Garden hose nozzle for solar panels and solar powered gadgets cleaning

Use suitable garden hose nozzle attachment

You can use a suitable nozzle attachment on your garden hose, and it will work wonders in cleaning the panels. The panels will require some thorough cleaning if there is a lot of dust as well as dirt accumulation on the panel. In case of a lot of dirt as well as dust accumulation, use a squeegee extension. It will help to keep your solar panels safe and unscratched. As an added benefit – it will help to accumulate more power. Cleaner panel means more solar power.

In most cases it is safe to clean your solar panels or waterproof solar powered gadgets (like solar powered water pumps, etc.) since most of waterproof and suitable to for outdoor keeping. To be on the safe side – double-check your gadget’s or panel’s manual for safe cleaning instructions.

Solar panel cleaning solution for solar panels and solar powered gadgets cleaning

Use solar panel cleaning solution

There are some things which you should strictly avoid during the cleaning process. You should never use materials such as metal objects, detergents as well as abrasive products. All of these products can create scratches, and scratches equals shadows, which will affect the efficiency of the panel negatively. You should use a sponge covered with cloth and soaked in clean water or the best solar panel cleaning solution.

Solar panels at five degrees angle


Tilt your solar panel at the right angle

Please remember one fact. Panels which are kept tilted require very less amount of cleaning as compared to the panels which are kept flat. According to a study, if you keep your panel tilted at an angle of a minimum of five degrees, then the majority of the debris, as well as dirt on the panel, will slide off the panel on its own.

Final Words

There are two ways of cleaning your panels. 1) You can invest in a professional cleaning service. 2) or you can get the job done on your own. The general kind of debris, such as the dirt, dust, pollens, etc. has a very little impact on the functioning of the panel. A very little amount of efficiency is lost due to this kind of debris. Despite, all this it is highly recommended to keep your solar panels clean.