CES 2021: Nexstgo Brings A Three-Webcam Laptop With Ring Light

At the CES 2021, the Hong Kong-based brand Nexstgo announced its forthcoming Avita Admiror II laptop aimed at helping users in doing livestreaming. The notebook comes with a vivid “ring light” outlining the screen to offer extra lighting. The shiny light throws more exposure to make livestream content look better and brighter. Also, for remote workers, such a laptop would work perfectly for conducting Zoom meetings.

Admiror II Notebook With Three Webcams

The Admiror II features three built-in webcams, and it is probably the first laptop to come with more than one webcams. The laptop cameras come with three types of zoom levels – Close up, Medium close up, and Wider Shot. All these zoom levels enable users to record better videos.

There is no word regarding the new laptop other than the three new webcams on it. We do not know the specs like CPU, webcam, and screen resolution on the notebook. However, the images do reveal some of the features. We gauge ample stuff from images, such as fingerprint reader, broad trackpad, and more. The notebook also has a large speaker with a subwoofer system.

Nexstgo Laptop with 3 webcams

Nexstgo also reveals that it has an ongoing partnership with Loupedeck, manufacturers of high-end editing consoles, to simplify workflows on the notebook. Other than this information, the company kept everything else under wraps. We do think that the partnership with Loupedesk may result in integrated console features or optimized console features for the laptop.

All the other information concerning the latest laptop may surface sometime later this month or next month. We will keep an eye on the developments and report as soon as the laptop is officially launched.

We understand that Nexstgo is a fairly new entrant into the segment, but we are all aware of the VAIO brand. Well, Nexstgo is a licensee of VAIO in Asia since 2018. This allows Nexstgo to sell VAIO-branded laptops in markets like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Other than that, Nexstgo also has its product lineup under the Avita brand and Primus series for the B2B markets.

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