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Zara is a seasoned tech journalist with over 6 years of experience and expertise in producing content around consumer electronics, software, hardware, and more. She has worked with some of the leading tech publications like ExtremeTech, Wccftech, MakeTechEasier, MySmartPrice, and several others. When not writing about the latest in the world of tech, she likes to indulge in creating memes!
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Best Student Laptops Under 300

Best Student Laptops Under $300 in 2021

I still remember those financially broken days during my student career, sheer pain. I also remember when my only asset, the HP Pro book, didn’t leave my hand during the rainy days.

14 Unique Freelance Writing Tips You Need To Succeed

14 Unique Freelance Writing Tips You Need To Succeed

With so much content already existing on the Internet — from numerous similar websites to research papers for sale — writing something new that will stand out and convince users to read your content is quite challenging. Freelance writing has become way more challenging than it used to be.

Properties of Cyclic Quadrilaterals

Online Learning: Cyclic Quadrilateral and its 5 Properties

A quadrilateral is a plane figure with four sides or edges and four vertices or corners. Quadrilaterals can be regular and defined shapes with four sides: rectangles, squares, trapezoids, kites, or irregular and undefined shapes.