14 Unique Freelance Writing Tips You Need To Succeed

With so much content already existing on the Internet — from numerous similar websites to research papers for sale — writing something new that will stand out and convince users to read your content is quite challenging. Freelance writing has become way more challenging than it used to be. With aggravated competition, writers need to bring something unique to the table with their stellar writing. We give you some effective and unique freelancing writing tips to help you succeed.

Best Tips For Freelance Writers

If you want to be a thriving freelance writer, the following tips will help you succeed in this industry. 

Speak the language of your target client

Be sure to consider the characteristics of your target audience when writing your text. Think in terms of stereotypes and categories.

If you speak the language of your potential customers, they will gain trust because they will recognize themselves in your words. And this will help build a connection with them and encourage them to take further action.

Avoid thesaurus syndrome

Trying to find better words to impress your readers can have unpleasant consequences. Attempting to find different words to use because you feel you use the same ones too often is not a good idea either. Don’t let the word “kiwi” turn into “round fluffy greenish fruit.”

Choose your words carefully

When writing texts for companies and brands, pay attention to the first line of their competitors’ websites. Write down keywords and phrases to avoid them at all costs. This approach ensures the preparation of truly quality, unique content.

Clarify the headline

According to studies, titles are read by five times more people than the texts that follow them. That’s why it’s so important to pay special attention to the first line.

Professional writers advise writing the main text first and then pulling from it the strongest phrases to form a headline. In doing so, remember that simple words are better than tricky and clever ones.

Simplify content

The word simplify does not mean abandoning technical terms or elements of business style. You don’t need to write based on the developmental level of a high school student.

Simplification means clarity, brevity, and uniqueness. It is necessary so that the target audience understands the offer and the benefits described in the text as quickly as possible.

Appeal to emotions

There are many emotions you can appeal to, but the key ones are the ones that are not driven by rational thought. They are the strongest and most profound. These include fear, greed, guilt, exclusivity, and anger.

Pay attention to aesthetics

Text, like any advertisement, must attract. But how can you do that without visual design? There are simple tools for this:

  • An attractive font, easy on the eyes;
  • Short paragraphs
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Margin citations
  • Informative subheadings

Tell stories

Storytelling is gaining popularity online for a reason. It’s effective, and numerical studies prove it. People not only love to read other people’s stories, but they also inspire them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story of success or defeat.

Freelance writing tips - storytelling

Stories, however fictional, are much closer to the audience than useful and practical texts. Readers see behind them a living person who is no stranger to their worries and difficulties. And it is a sin not to take advantage of this when creating effective content.

Use simple language

Speak in a language your readers will understand. Make it simple for them. You don’t need to use long, complicated words that you wouldn’t normally use because it will only hurt your text by making you come across as verbose or pretentious. 

Sometimes, jargon is more appropriate in a text, but avoid using unnecessary jargon because you will lose readers who don’t understand it.

Use an active voice

Avoid the passive voice. Using the active voice will make your text clearer, more direct, and easier to read.

Don’t overload the text with ideas

Trying to write about every idea you’ve ever had in one post can lead to confusing, disorganized, and incoherent text. Stick to one main idea for each post, and remember to give each point its own paragraph.

Don’t abuse formatting

Abusing italics, bold, or underlining makes your writing messy and confusing. When used effectively, readers can scan the most important information, and it can help them find specific sections quickly, but overusing them has the same effect as not using them at all. If you decide to employ them, make sure you use them consistently (e.g., don’t bold some subheadings and underline others).

Don’t edit until you finish writing

Do not try to correct the text until it is completely finished. Write it to the end, stating all your thoughts, and only then proceed to criticize it. By starting to edit while you’re working, you’re shutting down the creative part of the brain. As a result, the creation will require more effort, and it may even come out mediocre.

Edit until you succeed

Don’t rely on an editor or proofreader, even if their presence is implicit in the project. Edit the text yourself until you are 100% satisfied with it. Take a break before you reread the edited masterpiece once again. Literacy is paramount.

To conclude, we would apprise that freelance writing isn’t necessarily the effortless and glitzy career that advertising makes it out to be. It takes a lot of effort, planning, and perseverance. However, if you stick with it and work with the ultimate goal in mind, you may eventually develop a reputation where corporations come straight to you and are willing to pay you what you deserve.

Zara Ali
Zara is a seasoned tech journalist with over 6 years of experience and expertise in producing content around consumer electronics, software, hardware, and more. She has worked with some of the leading tech publications like ExtremeTech, Wccftech, MakeTechEasier, MySmartPrice, and several others. When not writing about the latest in the world of tech, she likes to indulge in creating memes!