Green Phones: The Eco-Friendly Smartphones

Smartphones play a significant part in damaging our environment. These green phones are made up of various substances. Some of these substances are harmful and dangerous for our environment. It includes,

  • PVC
  • Zinc
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Phthalates

When we throw our phones, it doesn’t degrade like other waste materials. It is a hazardous waste that can lead to the soil as well as water pollution. More than 100 million phones end up in the trash every year. 

This rate is very alarming. The toxic elements from smartphones lead to a different environmental problem.

Because of this reason, many phone manufacturing companies have started using eco-friendly materials. There is a high demand for green phones these days. 

If you really care about our environment, you need to use green phones. These phones are environment friendly. You can use these phones without the guilt of damaging our Earth.

There are many green smartphones you can use. These phones are specially developed to reduce carbon footprints. You can contribute to our environment by using these phones.

4 Best Green phones:

Green phones can save our environment. It is the first step towards the sustainable usage of smartphones.

Samsung Blue Earth:

It is a smartphone that runs on solar power. This eco-friendly phone by Samsung ranks on top of the green phone list. There is a solar panel on the phone, which helps it to function. 

If you keep this phone in the sun for 12 hours, you can use it for more than 4 hours. The case is made of renewable materials. The plastic is recyclable. There are no toxic elements. 

It has a battery saving mode to save power. There are many green functions on this phone.

Fairphone 2:

It is one of the leading green phones in the market. You can quickly repair this phone I stead of throwing it. This phone doesn’t die, and it is one of its most significant advantages. 

Anybody can quickly repair this phone. It is made from recyclable plastic. You can enjoy all the latest features in this phone. This phone is eco-friendly and easy to repair. You can change the parts yourself instead of discarding it.

Sony Xperia ZR:

This is another green smartphone you can use. Sony is the only cell phone company that uses 99 % of recyclable materials to manufacture smartphones. 

This phone is eco-friendly and lightweight as it is a mode of recycled materials. It has all the smartphone features. It has a great camera. You can choose from various colors. It is a waterproof phone. The glass is shatterproof. You can use it for a long time without replacement.

Refurbished Phone:

You can use a refurbished smartphone as it leads to fewer carbon footprints. It can be any phone. Most of the time, we replace our phones even though they are still working. 

Instead of throwing them away, we can exchange the. Refurbished phones are basically secondhand phones. These phones go through a repair process. You can easily buy these phones from any online retailer. 

These are the four green smartphones you can use to protect our environment. Even if you are not using these phones, avoid throwing your old phone in waste. Instead, you can exchange your old phone or recycle it to not lead to environmental damage.