How to Increase the Lifespan of a Smartphone?

Smartphone technology keeps on changing every month. If you buy the latest smartphone today, a new version will be available after a few months. Because of this reason, people keep on changing their phones. But there is another reason why people go for a new smartphone. Most people buy a new phone because of the wear & tear of their old phone and lifespan of a smartphone.

Average Lifespan of a Smartphone

The average lifespan of a smartphone is 2 to 3 years. Most of the phones will only last for three years max. 

But in some cases, the phone lasts for more than five years. It actually depends on how you use it. 

If you use your phone with care and take all the precautions, you can easily use it for more than five years.

Signs to Replace your Phone:

You can easily recognize a dying phone. You will notice all these signs if your phone is not fit to use anymore.

  • Battery Problems
  • Broken Screen
  • Broken Cover
  • System Issues
  • Slow Speed

Tips to Increase the Lifespan of a SmartPhone:

You can easily make your cell phone last longer by using all these tips.

Regular Updates: 

You need to update your phone regularly. Both iPhone and Android provide regular updates to improve the functionality of the phone. You need to go to settings and check your regular updates. If you keep your phone updated, it will last longer.

Delete Things You Don’t Need:

Delete all the unnecessary things from your phone. Free up the storage space by deleting the apps, photos, videos, and other files you don’t need. As your phone will be clean, it will increase the lifespan.

Invest in a Good Case:

You need to invest in a good phone case. Don’t go after a fancy case. Instead, go with a sturdy and strong case that will protect your phone from damage. With less damage, your phone will last longer.

Protect the Screen:

It would help if you protected your screen at all costs. Most of the time, people replace their phones because of a broken screen. You can easily protect your screen by using a good tampered glass cover. It will protect your screen from scratches and damage.

Protect your Battery:

The battery is like the heart of your phone. The first sign of a dying phone is a battery issue. It would help if you protected your battery by following safe charging methods. Don’t overcharge your phone. Charge it only once or twice a day. Switch it off while charging, and don’t use it when it is one charge. Keep your phone on battery saving mode to protect it.

Repair Your Phone:

Instead of replacing your phone, try to repair it. Sometimes you can easily fix your phone by simple repairs. You can repair the screen and other damages.

Replace Battery:

If you are facing battery problem, you can replace it easily. Don’t go for a new phone when you can easily replace the battery.

Clean the Phone:

It would help if you cleaned the charging port and all the other nooks on the phone. Clean your phone every week to remove the dust and debris. Keep the case, screen, and other parts clean.

Virus/ Malware:

Use your phone with care. Use a good app security system to avoid viruses and malware. Avoid third-party apps and protect your phone from viruses.


Free up the storage or increase the storage space by investing in a good memory card. You can also take advantage of cloud storage to free up space and keep your phone working.

Phone Temperature:

Maintain the temperature of the phone. Please don’t keep it on a cold surface and avoid overheating your phone while using it.

Backup and Recycle:

When finally it’s time to replace your phone, prepare a backup so that you don’t lose any data. Apart from that, recycle your old phone. You can exchange it while buying a new phone to get a discount.

Follow these tips to increase the average lifespan of a smartphone. You can easily use your smartphone for more than five years if you follow these tips.