How to clean AirPods, AirPods Pro, or fake AirPods?

AirPods have created a massive craze amongst digital enthusiasts. When you are using these AirPods, you need to make sure that you keep them in clean condition. But the cleaning of these AirPods isn’t the way how it should be in the other types of applications. 

It is not just used for storing the AirPods, but can also be used for charging. This throws light on the fact as to how much importance these AirPods hold in everyday use of one’s life, and they need to be changed often on the go. 

Also, some companies sell the AirPods for free of cost to those who had already bought the AirPods well before the case was released into the markets. 

These days, the operationality of AirPods has grown manifold that it is not just limited to listening to music but doing all our day to day activities with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. 

The invention of these AirPods led to a scenario where you no longer have to meddle with the long earphones whose ropes tie with each other, and also, you need not take the brunt of carrying the enormous studio-sized earphones. 

Why clean the AirPods? 

Cleaning is the key to hygiene living. There are many reasons as to why you need to be cleaning the AirPods. The two primary reasons are listed below. 

To save money 

Everyone has become a gym freak these days, or some people travel very long distances to reach their workplace. So, if they wish to save money, they need to make use of specific methods to keep their things safe, so there is very little need to keep replacing them. One of the things which gets the least attention for cleaning is the earbuds – either Airpods, Airpods Pro or fake AirPods. People tend to change their clothes after coming from the gym, and they keep all the other things clean, but they hardly have the time to clean their AirPods. It leads to the accumulation of a lot of dirt, earwax, and other things that damage the audio quality of your earphones. 

When the audio quality of your earphones drops at a very drastic rate, people aren’t really comfortable with that fact, and they want to replace it immediately, which burns a hole in your pockets. 

When the over the ear headphones and the in the ear headphones can itself get very greasy with time, there is no surprise if the AirPods could get oily with regular usage. 

To avoid damage to ears 

Your ears have the natural tendency to produce ear wax. If you wish to avoid visits to doctors due to the accumulation of earwax, then it is best to keep your AirPods clean. When the AirPods are already dirty and the earwax produced in your ears keeps increasing then, it forms huge issues with listening, and you cannot find that helpful. So, when you wish to avoid regular visits to the ENT specialist and take proper care of your ears, then keeping it clean is the best thing you can ever get to do. 

What you’ll need 

Be very careful while cleaning the AirPods! They are NOT water-resistant. The water can enter into the AirPods and disrupt the functioning. So, you need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t be using water to clean the AirPods. Based on the level of dirt that has accumulated in the AirPods, you will need different items, and you might want to follow different methods. 

Use microfibre linen cloth 

While you are buying a pair of glasses, you would have gotten a microfibre linen cloth along with it to keep the glass free of dust and clean it if any smog has covered the entire glass frame. You can very well use the same for cleaning your AirPods and make sure that it is very shiny.

You can follow this method when you wish to clean the AirPods very quickly, and you are rushing somewhere outside when you are thinking of This is one of the most straightforward answers to the question, How to clean AirPods

Use toothbrushes, Q tip, and Isopropyl alcohol 

It is a well-known fact that using Q tips to clean the small items is one of the easiest ways ever. When you are afraid of using chemical compounds like Isopropyl alcohol, you need to keep in mind that it is one of the safest options ever. 

It is widely used as aftershave solutions and also used as a solvent for mixing up the main cosmetic with one of these alcoholic items. 

When an item can be very much light on the skin, it can never cause any harm when it is applied in small quantities on any electronic device. 

Also, the toothbrushes are known to enter into the nook and corner of the tooth in your mouth and clean them effectively. Similarly, when you are using toothbrushes to clean the AirPods, you can see that it becomes crystal clear as all the nook and corner gets very shiny. 

Also, the brushes should have soft bristles as you need to make sure that it doesn’t get abrasive over some time. It is best to use children’s toothbrushes as they aren’t too tough on the AirPods, and the bristles of the brushes are very soft. 

Many won’t be okay with wearing the same clothes every day without washing it, or they can’t even eat from the same fork they had used to eat in the previous night. But this isn’t the same when it comes to cleaning the AirPods. It is one of the most straightforward answers to the question, How to clean AirPods

Use dental floss 

You would have noticed the tiny dots on the AirPods. If you wish to clean them, then you need to make use of dental floss. These dental floss sticks aren’t too sharp, so you need not worry if they might damage your AirPods. 

But, at the same time, if you push the floss stick too deeper into the AirPods, there are chances that you are pushing the dirt deep inside the AirPods thus making the situation even worse. 

Cleaning the Case

When speaking of AirPods, the first thing that strikes a person’s mind is to buy the case to keep them safe. As the AirPods aren’t very large and they need to be placed in a box to keep them safe. The question of How to clean AirPods case gives rise to several new ways. 

People weren’t used to storing the headphones back in those days in a case, but the commencement of AirPods has forced the people to store these items in a case.  When you are cleaning the case, it is not a very tough job. When you follow some of the methods mentioned below, it is an effortless job. You need to be cleaning the case, as it can hold a lot of bacteria and other germs that could settle on your AirPods that eventually damage the quality of your AirPods. 

Use distilled water and a pure cotton cloth 

It is always good to clean the surfaces with cotton cloth as they have good absorbent quality. The distilled water is very pure that it has no extra residual content in it when you use these for electronics; it tends to stay very much clean. That too, when you dip the pure cotton cloth in distilled water, then you can see that the dirt gets cleaned off in a concise period, with one wipe, you can see the case becoming crystal clean. You can wash the cotton cloth and reuse it. The distilled water is not very expensive too. This is one of the highly recommended methods as to How to clean AirPods case. 

Use Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 

The Hydrogen Peroxide Solution can be found in the major drug stores all over the place. It is not priced too high also. There are many uses out of Hydrogen Peroxide. This solution is used for cleaning and dressing up wounds. If you are facing some irritability in the gaps of your toe fingers, then you can make use of this Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. 

You just need to pour two to three drops of Hydrogen Peroxide solution on the cotton ball and then clean the case completely. This is one of the best disinfectant solutions used to clean the case completely and make it germ-free. 

The case needs to be removed off the dust completely before you tend to disinfect the case. So, you can follow the method of using distilled water and a pure cotton cloth to remove all the visible dirt and impurities from your case, and then you can use the hydrogen peroxide solution when you apply the hydrogen peroxide solution onto the surface of the case and make it extremely clean. 

Use hand sanitizer 

Hand Sanitizer is one of the best ways to keep the case clean if you aren’t having any of the other disinfectant solutions. Speaking of the disinfectant solutions, there are plenty available in the market; you need to pick the one which suits your needs to the fullest as the other kinds of disinfectants can get too harsh on your products and result in getting damaged and making it without any usage. 

Also, hand sanitizer is some of the products which you would be carrying in your handbags. So, in the same bag, where you are carrying the other items, including the case in which you keep the AirPods, you can keep the hand sanitizer as well. So, when you wish to clean the case very quickly, you don’t have to look around for any other items, just pour a few drops of hand sanitizer on it. 

One can see that mild alcohol content products can be used to clean the surfaces of both the AirPods and the cases as they aren’t abrasive. In case, you don’t find the solvents; you can buy the acidic solutions also but make sure that they are very mild. 

Further Hygiene Tips 

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining the items in good condition, there is no one single or very few ways of keeping things clean. The same applies to the AirPods as well; there are other hygiene tips that you can make use of without any doubt to keep your AirPods clean. 

Hearing aid vacuum

Just like how the vacuum cleaners are used to clean the other huge products and to dust the homes, you can buy the hearing aid vacuum from the online stores and then make use of it to clean the AirPods. This is one of the top answers to the question, how to clean earbuds. 

These can be bought from any physical store, or you can buy it online as well. They might seem to be on the pricey side, but they aren’t costly. 

Electronic air duster 

Using the electronic air dusters, the air can be blasted into the tiny openings from where you can remove all the very rigid dirt. When you are thinking of how to clean earbuds, this method can be used. 

These dusters once bought need not be used only for cleaning the AirPods; you can use it for other items as well. 


These are some of the best-suggested ways to clean the AirPods. When you are wondering as to how to keep your AirPods clean, a quick read of the methods suggested above will come very handy. It is not a herculean task to maintain the electronic items like AirPods, a little bit of effort could do the much needed.