Telegram To Bring Group Video Calls With Extra Features To Compete With Zoom

Telegram is one of the power-packed apps out there equipped with the right set of features and safety measures to attract more users or poach some from other apps like WhatsApp. But it looks like Telegram wants to compete with more apps and not just WhatsApp. Its latest competition will be “Zoom,” which has witnessed amplified growth since the pandemic outbreak and virtual work culture.

Telegram Group Video Call With Background Noise Cancellation

Telegram is prepping to bring a new group calling feature to its platform, with extra features that will help it compete with Zoom. As per the report from TechCrunch, Telegram founder Pavel Durov has announced that Telegram will get a new group video call feature around May 2021.

Unlike other apps that have added a group video calling feature, Telegram won’t be introducing a standard feature. The instant messaging app will debut the feature with extra features like background noise cancellation, screen sharing, and more.

Durov states that the new feature will be a worthy addition to the “modern” platform. And of course, users will get the same Telegram interface with speed and security. Telegram’s group video call feature will be available for smartphone, desktop, and tablet users.

A Must-Have Feature For Every Messaging App

Although Telegram seems to be not-so-fashionably late to the group video calling party, it is not new for it. The platform was similarly late for the one-on-one video calling feature too. A part of the reason why Telegram is bringing out a group video calling feature now is that it is not an option to skip group calls in current times. With a missing group video call feature, Telegram must have been facing some loss of users as they could have been choosing other apps over it.

Another reason is that Telegram is looking to secure some funding; it is getting more than $1 billion by selling bonds. The upcoming group video call feature could act as a reason for investors to pour some more money into the app development. With this new feature, Telegram could be a Zoom alternative.

Would you shift to Telegram from Zoom when the feature arrives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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