Tips for Playing Dota 2 You Should Follow

There are several ways by which one can play Dota 2. However, some things remain the same that you must follow to play the game successfully. Moreover, Dota 2 is a complex game and will require a great deal of practice to get better at it.

Playing Dota 2 over time, we discovered some tips that helped us get satisfactory results. So, we’ll discuss some of these tips we consider the most relevant. Also, we know you’d like to enjoy some additional privileges. Visit for the best undetected Dota 2 cheats and hacks.

5 tips you should follow while playing Dota 2

1. Make sure the settings are comfortable

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While the default settings in games might work for your friends, the reverse could be the case for you. Therefore, we’ll always emphasize that you spend your first few minutes playing around with the settings.

Dota 2 has features such as Auto attack and quick cast. You can alternate with any of the two to broaden your experience.

Moreover, you can check online for the best settings for Dota 2 and try to apply them in your game. However, you must note that not all players will use comfortable settings for you. Therefore, keep experimenting and making needed adjustments until you find your favorite setup. This comes with experience, though.

2. The objective is paramount.

We understand that you’ll need some really big guns to stay alive in Dota 2. While bagging those kills can give you the necessary motivation and enjoyment to carry you through the game, it’s one distraction you must avoid at any cost.

You can single-handedly kill all your enemies and still lose.

Dota 2 is all about the objective, which is destroying your enemies’ ancient. Some towers and enemies will come between you and your enemies’ ancient, and you need to take them down. Only kill enemies who come between you and the objective; ignore the rest.

3. Learn to function in any role

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You’ll never get on a perfect team with the right role combination. We mean that one or two persons on your team probably don’t know how to function in their designated roles. Sometimes, you’ll need to cover up for a deficient teammate.

More so, knowing how to play different roles allows you to understand the involved tactics. You’ll have the upper hand over an opponent in a role you understand. For instance, you’ll need to play Support or Offline at intervals, even if your preferred role is Carry.

4. Be time conscious

Just as with the objective, timing is an important aspect to factor into your gameplay at all times. For example, Bounty Runes that give your team huge amounts of gold only spawn 5 times during the game. Another example is Roshan, who spawns periodically at 8 to 11 minutes intervals.

Also, there are power-up runes such as Double Damage, Haste, Invisibility, Regeneration, Arcane Rune, and Haste. These power-ups spawn in the game at two minutes intervals, with the first spawning at the 2 minutes mark.

5. You might want to make a trade

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If you’ve ever watched a veteran player in any game, you’ll constantly think they’ll die the next second. However, you’ll be surprised at how long they’ll live while they continue gambling with their health points. There’s a secret about this. Dota 2 is not just any objective-shooter game; it has a lot to do with calculation.

Before pro players take those risky moves, they must have weighed the chances. Sometimes they look at the enemy’s health point and inventory. Also, these risks are worthy ones, especially if the enemy no more has the regeneration power-up. If the risk contributes to reaching your objective, any sacrifice is worth it.


There’s a lot to learn from professional Dota 2 players. Watch YouTube video guides and streaming from any Dota 2 pro gamer of your choice. More importantly, you must get to understand the requirements of your role on the team.

Also, we recommend that you don’t stick to playing a single role in the game – you’ll need experience from other roles in the long run. Lastly, don’t lose sight of the objective while you focus on securing kills – the objective is the real deal.