Unable to Send or Receive Texts on Your Android Phone? Here’s The Reason

Have you been facing issues with sending or receiving texts on your Android phone lately? Well, it looks like you are not alone. The problem seems to be troubling many users.

Several users who are using smartphones by LG, OnePlus, Samsung, Motorola, and other brands have reported that they cannot send or receive texts on their devices.

The issue seems to have cropped up in the past couple of days. Additionally, many users have also reported delays of up to 30 minutes in sending a new text.

The issue seems to be pretty much on the internet as several users have taken to online forums like Reddit to complain about it. Until now, there’s been no official response by Google or any other smartphone brand.

Why is it happening?

The problem seems to be caused by an update to Google’s carrier services app. Going by the Play Store reviews of the app, the November 23 update appears to be the culprit.

The update has seemingly started the problem and causing delays for users in sending and receiving text messages.

There’s a Short Term Fix

For now, as a short-term fix for the issues, the problem seems to go away if you uninstall Google’s carrier services app from your phone.

Of course, by doing so, you will have to make do with the unavailability of the latest communications services and features available in the Android Messages app, but that’s not a big ask to resume your text services altogether.

Here’s how you can go about uninstalling Google’s Carrier Services app:

To delete the app, you need to head to the ‘My Apps & Games’ section in Play Store and find the carrier services app. Once you find it, simply hit the uninstall button to get rid of it.

Google has released another update for the app, but it is unknown if it takes care of the issue and fixes it. But after uninstalling your app’s current version, we suggest installing the latest version to check if it fixes the issue.

If it does, then congratulations in advance! If it does not, then we suggest checking back for more updates.

Zara Ali
Zara is a seasoned tech journalist with over 6 years of experience and expertise in producing content around consumer electronics, software, hardware, and more. She has worked with some of the leading tech publications like ExtremeTech, Wccftech, MakeTechEasier, MySmartPrice, and several others. When not writing about the latest in the world of tech, she likes to indulge in creating memes!