Here’s Cringe Yet Effective Song For Anti-Vaxxers, Ask Google Assistant To Play It

Just when we are getting to the middle of pandemic and starting mass vaccination drives, Google has got its weird little way to pump people to get vaccinated. Yup, if you reside in the US and have Google Assistant on your device, you can summon it to play a cringe-full song about vaccines. The jingle about vaccines may not motivate you but would certainly give you a tune to annoy your friends.

The short tune is just a way to divert your mind for a few minutes. It gets even easier to listen to the tune if you own a speaker with Google Assistant. First spotted by the folks at Android Police, and we are still debating how they stumbled upon it. Because, who would ask a virtual assistant to play a song about vaccines, right? But, in the true spirit of tech reporting, we have this information too. 

Vaccine Song To Play For Anti-Vaxxers

You must be wondering how the vaccine song goes, so here is the intro: 

“Let’s celebrate that we have the vaccine to help us bring a change to this old routine.” 

Did you notice the odd rhyming between vaccine and routine. Not the best of lyrics, but that counts as a try. We appreciate the song because it tries to put out some essential information about vaccines that shall rain on anti-vaxxers like facts. The song talks about vaccines being safe and the only way to defeat COVID-19

Here are the rest of the lyrics:

“Scientists worked night and day, in record time they found a way. Like superheroes in masks and gloves, helping us get back to what we love.”

Although a bit cringe, we are supporting the efforts and the good intentions behind the song. It can also lift the spirits of families with small kids; they may enjoy dancing to this song.

Google has also introduced some new features for the Assistant, including a mother’s day prompt that allows the voice assistant to set a timer for the day, and Google might also surprise you with some goodies.

Listen to the vaccine song right here:

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