12 Website Personalization Tools That Increase Conversion: Excellent Plugins to Turn Visitors Into Your Customers

With so many different websites online, it is essential to utilize all the tools to make your website personalized. That is the only way your website will stand out from all others. It will also help you gain more traffic and, with that, more conversions.

Fortunately, there are a lot of incredible tools that can help you optimize your website in different ways. Here are 12 website personalization tools that will help you increase conversion.

So, let’s get through all of them!

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 plugin page

When it comes to establishing a contact form on WordPress, Contact Form 7 is, without a doubt, the most popular add-on. Its most significant benefit is the ease with which you may develop a form. You can integrate it into other pages, articles, or widgets without much trouble.

A contact form can assist you in gaining the trust of your visitors and have more sales. While they are filling out the contact form, you will have access to an extensive database that will allow you to customize your WordPress website further.

2. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery plugin page

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin that provides a complete management solution. It has functions like “uploading” several photographs at once. This tool also allows you to add, delete, reorganize, and sort images on your website.

You may also modify thumbnails and organize galleries into albums. It also allows you to do a variety of other tasks. Slideshows and thumbnail galleries are two options that you can provide your visitors for viewing photos.

You can use this application to publish photographs of your products and services to enhance conversions.

3. Fuse Social Floating Sidebar

Fuse Social Floating Sidebar plugin page

One of the most fantastic plugins for sharing your website’s content on social media is Fuse Social Floating Sidebar. It’s also popular because it has a negligible impact on the speed with which websites load.

Allowing visitors to share articles, landing pages, photos, infographics, and other information on social media is one strategy to enhance website traffic. That will also assist you in increasing your sales as more people will be able to see your products and services.

4. Polylang

Polylang plugin page

Polylang is a free multilingual website plugin that many website owners use. This plugin will automatically set up the links after installing it and selecting the language, which is excellent if you are a total beginner.

It’s simple to use and ideal for growing businesses. With this plugin, you’ll be able to attract more visitors from all around the world. That implies more people will see your website and, as a result, your stuff.

5. Google Optimize

Google Optimize landing page

Google Optimize is a service that allows users to execute A/B test campaigns. Those tests can help you improve and optimize the user experience. You may develop and edit Google Ads campaign landing pages straight from Google Optimize.

Moreover, it allows you to customize your website’s primary orientations and backgrounds. It does that based on your needs. This tool also allows you to explore and test to work with your audience in a more optimized method.

6. MailChimp

MailChimp landing page

MailChimp is an email marketing service that you may use to send emails. MailChimp can assist you with creating forms for your blog, complying with anti-spam rules, conducting tests, and make content go viral.

These campaigns are crucial because they allow you to engage with all of your followers while also sending offers, discounts, or emails to the people who make up your list of followers.

7. NotificationX

NotificationX plugin page

NotificationX is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display notifications in pop-up windows on your site. You can show real-time notifications and sales to let visitors to your site know what other customers are up to.

NotificationX also allows you to set up notifications for blog comments, reviews, downloads, and email subscriptions, among other things. If you want these notifications to stay on your site, you may make them into a notification bar.

8. LiveChat

LiveChat plugin page

The LiveChat WordPress live chat add-on is ideal for businesses that need to provide contextual and personalized customer help quickly. Anyone may effortlessly integrate the chat add-on, whether a WordPress novice or a seasoned veteran.

Whether customized to your business needs, whether anyone you need a free live chat option for WordPress or a multi-channel assistance solution, regardless of your industry or type of business.

9. Hero Mega Menu

Hero Menu landing page

The premium WordPress Hero Mega Menu add-on is straightforward since it creates bespoke menu templates using drag-and-drop interfaces.

It has a variety of transparency settings, 60 predefined colors, responsive design, custom wallpaper support, 270 modern icons, one mobile navigation, a sticky menu or a sticky menu, and more.

And the structural designer operates in the same way as WordPress’s default version. To make drop-down lists, embed elements and change them to create massive menus.

10. WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway

WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway plugin page

WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway is a WordPress plugin that enables you to directly accept payments from your WooCommerce online store.

PayPal offers safe payment templates that you may incorporate into your online store in addition to merchant accounts and gateways.

Hence, it is a valuable tool that will make shopping on your website much more convenient. More conversions and growth of your eCommerce business will happen due to this.

11. Gift Up! Gift Cards for WordPress and WooCommerce

Gift Up! plugin page

Next on our list is the fastest way to give your customers gift cards. Gift Up! is a plugin you can use to create and sell various gift cards quickly. It works within your WordPress website and connects to your social media.

Moreover, it offers hundreds of premade templates, so it doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge. Gift Up! provides a seamless user experience and integrates various mailing services like MailChimp.

12. Advanced Comment Form

Advanced Comment Form plugin page

Advanced Comment Form is a premium WordPress plugin that allows robust and straightforward comment management. That is all thanks to its custom field creator, which supports drag and drop wonderfully.

However, to utilize it, you must first install the WP Advanced Comment plugin, which is included in its extensions.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best tools to help you make more sales. They are easy to install and use. If it is unnecessary, you don’t need to utilize all of them. Choose a few that you think would benefit your website the most. You can always add more in the future.

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