WP Maintenance Review: The Perfect Choice for Creating Maintenance Pages

If you believe that now is the right time to step up the website maintenance – you are at the right place. WP Maintenance is often described as a powerful web service plugin beyond the limits.

The fact that over 700.000 clients recognize its strengths and leadership in web maintenance speaks loud enough. The PRO plugin comes with beautiful designs, ease of use, quick help, time and money-saving, etc.

Plugin enjoys great compatibility support with all of the themes and plugins, and it doesn’t require much to run things efficiently. WP Maintenance will let you design a remarkable landing page while your site is down or as you build the hype with the ”coming soon” page.

WP Maintenance plugin

WP Maintenance landing page

First of all, there are two versions of this powerful plugin. The free version does include certain features that you believe are “a must.” The free version will give you a hand to shut the web down during maintenance or enable 503 services to be temporarily unavailable.

A highly customizable interface delivers users a unique experience. You easily adjust the look on all devices and will still be able to use your logo and background, play with colors, etc.

However, the PRO version will make you go from a beginner to a professional in a few clicks at a very affordable price. Designing a page was never more manageable, especially because WP Maintenance Mode kept it all-around essential elements.

Unlike other similar plugins, this one will not bombard you with features you need hours to figure out. With the “Drag&drop” nature of work, one can design and launch a page from scratch impressively, fast, and confidently.

Along with access to close to 4 million premium images, the Pro version allows complete rebranding, which means that users can edit the plugin straight from the dashboard and brand it as they wish. As simple as a few clicks can be.

What makes WP Maintenance better than the others?

WP Maintenance features

Here is the secret for those who wonder what makes this plugin popular among many users, from individuals/freelancers to agencies or companies. It is straightforward to use with a particular focus on user-friendliness. You can activate the plugin and set the primary content with little or no knowledge.

User-made themes can be customized, which is a great advantage. Under menu ”themes”, you can choose from user-made and premade themes. The good news is that there are neither hidden nor locked-in features. Access control is not affected, and the page design is now a piece of cake. Layouts, which you can find under Designs, are game-changing.

As you might have noticed, a switch in the top right corner regulates whether your maintenance page will be active or not. Because with design layouts, you can make your page in seconds. All you have to do is choose desired elements and give input. On top of that, you can add free images and elements to your maintenance page.

As for background images, this plugin supports video files, although it advises careful and wise use to get desired effects. More than 20 attractive themes are there that you can choose to work on. Our team’s goal is to be up to date with numerous styles and formats so you can save more time.


Maintenance mode

A website needs solid visibility to gain desired results and reach the right audience. If something is missing there, address the SEO. The idea is to have your SEO configuration optimized from the first day.

Search Engine Optimization support built in the plugin will guide you through SEO configuration, so you don’t lose a single day.

Client access

Easy and secure client access is another great feature that this plugin brings to the spotlight. The effort invested in a future relationship between you and your client. By using the Secret Access Link feature, you can let your clients see the process of their site repair, design, or maintenance.


WP Maintenance themes

The full rebranding feature allows clients to modify chosen themes easily. Although building a page from scratch is historically easy, this plugin opens the door to more than 20 attractive themes covering most niches for education, webinars, and other landing pages.

It is essential to highlight that using the feature Full Rebranding does not require a single line of code. You can do anything you wish to modify and reorganize straight from the dashboard.


Editing theme dashboard layout

Speaking of Dashboard, it is time to point out the Centralized Dashboard as one of the primary features. Users agree that having it all in one place: licenses, brands, sites, etc., saved enormous time—everything at one place and in order.


Most users want it to be fast, friendly, and efficient for the Support aspects. Our team consists of developers who contributed to the creation of the plugin and therefore represented the perfect address if you needed any help.


WP Maintenance price plans

Similar plugins have been and still are accessible with monthly payments. Well, not WP Maintenance. Appreciating their prospective customers’ time and money, this plugin is license-oriented.

Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, you will obtain lifetime access with just one payment. Currently, all plans are on huge discounts, so be sure to check them out.


Suppose you were looking for ways to efficiently handle high-level maintenance and create an attractive landing page without writing a single line of code. The right plugin will do that for you. Results show that it perfectly suits different categories of users, from online sellers to local retail owners.

WP Maintenance plugin enabled those with little or no coding knowledge to create beautiful designs. Although it supports custom CSS input, the plugin will impress those with no coding skills because features available on the pro version will make amateurs turn to pro web designers.

Among many other plugins that aspire to dominate the market today, only a few stand out. Such alternatives are UnderConstructionPage and Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, which will serve you with different editors and themes which you might find quite helpful. Both will give you an option for this predominantly used maintenance plugin discussed above.