Top 5 YouTube Channels to Study Web Development Online

More and more people wish to learn web development to be the best start for a successful future career. Global businesses of any scale have the greatest intention to put their resources into online tools that are user-friendly and more effective.

Consequently, web developers became in high demand, as the professionals in this area can stimulate big and small businesses by providing them with new inventions.

Or boosting brand recognition to help site visitors get more engaged and interested in the service or product offered is another factor why web developers are so required in this field. Thus, learning to create the most groundbreaking inventions or even small apps will enable you to deal with many issues, which will bring you good rewards and satisfaction.

But what are the ways to help you go through the basics of web development and show the important skills and tools you will need to break into the industry? Various online courses and online guides might become handy. We would like to mention ComputerCareers.

However, suppose you need to dive deeper into web development to quickly master the main issues incorporated in the process while doing coding or programming. In that case, you will need more detailed lessons to demonstrate interesting perspectives and tips. YouTube is considered one of the largest platforms to provide its users with essential information concerning relevant topics they search for to improve their skills.

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Here you will find the top five online courses to gain valuable knowledge and proceed toward your goals.

Programming With Mosh

Are you interested in the newest web technologies applied in the industry to increase the websites’ performance and gain popularity among users? With this channel, which Mosh Hamedani founded, it will be possible to find out more than you can expect.

From current trends to the most common tools that web developers utilize to maintain their purposes successfully, every new information is delivered thoroughly with the smallest details. You won’t have a feeling that something is missing or not mentioned.

Sonny Sangha

This channel will suit those who search for real-life development projects. No matter what stage of experience you have, whether a beginner or intermediate, you will receive a very informative explanation of the projects which may interest you. An English-speaking Youtuber will provide Front-end and Full Stack projects using new technologies and frameworks.

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No one can do the job better than David and MPJ when generating new ideas and discussing the changes that keep on happening in the web dev world. If you anticipated seeing the discussion on one particular topic, you would be pleasantly surprised to find many interesting issues raised in their videos.

The channel provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn about CSS, HTML5, SASS, Foundation, Ruby, and many other things that might be important for your experience. Thus, you will experiment with code while dealing with programming.


The channel’s creator, Max Scharwzmuller, is one of the best teachers and instructors. He worked with many leading courses and tutorials to help students gain proper skills to maintain the most complicated tasks related to web development.

Woman coding on computer

If you happen to bump into one of his video courses, you will see how easily and logically the material is presented to the viewers. The videos are gaining popularity each day and can be noticed in the most frequently watched content ratings. Max uses a unique approach while teaching, which makes his lessons enjoyable to watch and easy to perceive.


TheNewBoston may be the only thing you need to learn about programming. Even kids will be able to understand the tutorial’s content. So if you look for something innovative and fun, the channel will suit your requirements. It’s not surprising TheNewBoston has won thousands of viewers’ admires and has over two million subscribers.

You have a chance to enjoy the simplicity of content explanations, which suits both beginners and intermediate-level learners who seek more in-depth knowledge and detailed teaching. The tutors of the channel never stop reminding their viewers that if they don’t apply their knowledge daily, they will soon be forgotten.

Keep on practicing solving the problems on the way to retaining the knowledge you absorbed with the help of TheNewBoston tutorials.