5 Powerful Ways to Use Video Content on Your Company Website

Making the most of video has become an increasingly popular trend in web design. Video content offers a great way to raise brand awareness, make your website more engaging, and share information about your products or services in an exciting way. It can even improve your conversion rate.

Let’s take a look at five ways you can use video content on your business’s website to engage your target audience and increase your sales.

1. Create Product Demos to Show Precisely How Items Work

Consumers put a lot of thought into their purchases, so they’ll be more likely to buy from your website if they feel like they’re making an informed choice. And, video product demos can really help customers during the buying process.

Product demonstrations show precisely how your items work, what they’re used for, and what people can expect when buying from you.

To create a high-quality product demo, identify your target audience and goals. You’ll also want to focus on the most significant features of your product. For the best results, you’ll need to use quality recording equipment and write a script to ensure the recording goes smoothly, too.

For example, take a look at this product demonstration from Squatty Potty, a bathroom accessories company. They have created a 20-second product demonstration that explains the science behind what they sell. It also shows how their product solves real-life problems, making it easy for visitors to understand its value.

Squatty Potty

You can incorporate demo videos into your marketing strategy by highlighting the best features of your products to help show their value.

2. Add Videos to Your Written Content to Reach a Wider Audience

Different people prefer to consume information in different ways, so it can be worth presenting your website content in both a written and video format to cater to a wider audience.

For inspiration, take a look at this example from Victoria University Online. They have included an educational video in a blog post about online study tips to support the message of the written content.

creaging video in school library

This means, whether someone best consumes content by reading, listening, or watching it, there’s something for everyone. It’s worth considering repurposing your blog content in this way to pass on your message to as many people as possible.

Another excellent example comes from Venngage, an online graphic creation tool. Venngage presents the same information in both a written blog post and an engaging video to reach a wider audience. This allows visitors to choose which way they would like to consume the content.
Plus, the video shows the value of their tool because it’s been used to create many helpful graphics demonstrated in it.

Adding videos to your written content is a great way to reach customers beyond your community. Create videos that add to or repurpose your blog posts to make your brand message more accessible. By allowing visitors to choose how they engage with your information, you’ll have a better chance of landing more conversions.

3. Use Video Testimonials to Win Your Customers’ Trust

As a business owner, you know how important your credibility is. And video testimonials are especially effective for winning customers’ trust because viewers can put a face to the review and gauge the reviewer’s tone and body language for authenticity.

When creating a video testimonial, focus on making it as natural as possible. You can use an online video making tool for creating those videos which contain pre-made testimonial templates, that will help you in creating testimonial videos. Prepare questions and listen closely to responses. You should also edit the discussion to include the highlights that represent your company most accurately.

Once your video is finished, post it on your homepage and the landing pages where customers will be researching your product or services.

Take a look at this example from Gina Corena & Associates, a Las Vegas-based law firm.

They’ve made a smart move by showcasing client testimonial videos on their homepage. These give potential clients a well-rounded view of what they have to offer and show they can trust the team at Gina Corena & Associates for their legal needs. This is an approach you can certainly take a lot of inspiration from.

Gina Corena client reviews videos

Another great example comes from Emotive, an SMS marketing company that has incorporated a video testimonial into its homepage to show some of the fantastic results its services have delivered for previous clients.

The video features two different people singing the company’s praises and outlining some of the problems that Emotive helped them solve. Many viewers will be able to relate to what these clients say and will be motivated to give the company’s products a try as a result.

You can use the same approach on your site by showing potential customers that they can trust your brand and what they can expect once they begin working with you.

4. Build Stronger Connections With Videos That Humanize Your Business

There is no better way to connect with your audience than video content that humanizes your business. This can help to boost your online sales.

Videos offer a great way to introduce your team and help visitors connect faces to your business. As you plan this content, focus on allowing your employees’ personalities to shine through and have them share their roles and why they enjoy working for your company.

Consider giving your customers a peek behind the scenes, too, to help them connect with your company and employees. You can publish these videos on your homepage, about page, and product pages throughout your site to keep people engaged.

women recording video in work office

For inspiration, take a look at this example from Ancestry, an online DNA analyzer company. Since customers send their samples through the mail, they might be curious about what happens once their package arrives in the Ancestry DNA testing facility. To answer this question,

Ancestry does a great job of giving a peek into their labs so customers can better understand how their DNA samples are analyzed. This information can help alleviate any concern on the customer’s side and encourage people to buy AncestryDNA services.

It also puts some faces to the business, which builds stronger connections with customers. This is a tactic you could consider using on your website, as it can have some fantastic results.

5. Use Videos to Make Important Information Engaging

There will always be essential information you need potential customers to know, no matter your industry. However, these details may not be the most exciting to read. This means there’s a good chance your visitors may gloss over the critical information, but you can use video content to highlight it more interestingly and engagingly.

product review video

For instance, you could create videos that explain the details of your warranty policy, product assembly, or how to care for your products. These will work great on a product or service page and in an FAQ section to address vital questions that your customers have before they purchase from you.

For inspiration, let’s take a look at this example from RMIT Online, an online university. They use video to present the essential information on their Master of Data Science Strategy and Leadership course page.

A voiceover essentially reads out all of the details that we can also find on the page, which people who prefer to listen to information will find a lot more engaging. This reduces the risk of people ignoring vital details due to not wanting to read a block of text.

You can use the same approach by generating video content that presents basic but essential information excitingly. This will ensure more people are aware of the information they need, which will benefit both you and your customers.


Adding videos to your website will help build powerful connections with your visitors while increasing conversions. Offer your audience a variety of interesting videos and, before you know it, you’ll see your online sales improve as you secure more loyal fans.

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