Apple iPhone 12 Becomes World’s Most Popular 5G Smartphone

Apple iPhone 12 won the title of the most popular and best-selling 5G smartphone in October. And this is after the preorders window opened halfway through October 2020. The latest smartphone by Apple has delivered breakout numbers in its first month of sale.

The iPhone 12 emerged as a winner in a sea full of Android 5G phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It claimed 16 percent of the market share in October. This is the same period when the Pro variant managed to claim a share of 8 percent. Interestingly, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could only get 4 percent of the market share even though it launched before the iPhone 12 lineup.

Yes, Android lagged in the 5G market share in October 2020, while iOS claimed the first two spots with the latest iPhone series.

How iPhone 12 Emerged as the Market Leader in October 2020

Well, one of the reasons behind iPhone 12’s clean sweep in October 2020 is that Apple’s marketing all over the US and other regions was perfectly splendid. The company hit the right note with carrier collaborations and positioned the iPhone 12 as a perfect 5G-ready smartphone for the consumers.

We think Apple has always been the leader in marketing the best aspects of its phones. The company did a swell job for the latest iPhone lineup, too, and it looks like it managed some solid returns.

Especially for the US, mmWave support also made the consumers pick the iPhone 12.

The high sale of the latest iPhone also gave a push to the popularity of mmWave capable devices in the US. The substantial uptick in mmWave devices’ presence would provide operators with a reason to deploy mmWave infrastructure swiftly. mmWave is essential because it helps 5G networks realize their full potential by offering high throughput and low latency.

With a solid network of mmWave and 5G-ready devices, Apple will soon be able to leverage the tech for its AR/VR technologies too.

Another contributing factor is that Apple is now available in 140 regions, and a market footprint of that length always pays off.

Here’s what Counterpoint’s report notes regarding the future of Apple iPhone 12 lineup:

Going forward, the demand for the iPhone 12 series is likely to remain strong through Q4 2020, especially during the festive season in December. Strong sales for Apple will also drive the volumes in the premium segment, raising the global ASP. Due to the late launch, some of the sales will be pushed to subsequent months, thus maintaining the momentum of the iPhone 12 series in early 2021 as well. Through the iPhone 12 series, Apple has also given a much-needed push to the 5G smartphone market, which cornered its highest ever share of 24% in the global smartphone sales in October.


Going by the research findings, Apple will not be wasting much time bringing out the next lineup of iPhones. Unlike the delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 series, we are most likely to see the iPhone 13 series arriving as per Apple’s schedule, i.e., September every year.

As for now, it would be interesting how high the graph of iPhone 12 sales go for Apple. We will be keeping our eye on that market share.

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