Apple Saved The Day By Removing This App From App Store

The year 2020 eclipsed our lives with a coronavirus that spread furiously worldwide and turned into a global pandemic. COVID-19 made people around the world adapt to a new lifestyle surrounded by essentials like a face mask and sanitizer. Social distancing turned into a norm, and we all did our bit to stop the virus from spreading further. However, there were still some people who chose to ignore the guidelines and brush off the pandemic. The same people were even trying to build games around the COVID-19. Pushing such fatal agendas, some apps popped up to break the social distancing cycle, and today Apple removed one such app to save many.

Vybe Together Kicked Out of App Store & TikTok

As New Year’s Eve is around the corner, and this time it is going to be the most different because of the ongoing pandemic. An app named ‘Vybe Together’ appeared on Apple’s App Store, which posed a threat to social distancing and an aid to the virus. Apple wasted no time getting rid of the app, thus saving many lives from being a fatal agenda. And so did TikTok by deactivating the account of Vybe Together.

Vybe Together marketed itself as a ‘secret party app,’ and it recently started a campaign by posting a video promoting large gatherings in New York City. Of course, the campaign brazenly compromised COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The app lets users explore and create private parties. Only the members approved by Vybe Together can access the app. Apple’s decision came after Business Insider spoke with the company. It was also a result of a tweet made by New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz, which featured the app’s video from TikTok. The video mentioned the parties happening every weekend, and it also promoted NYE parties.

All in the Name of ‘Over-the-top’ Marketing?

Vybe Together

Vybe Together sent an email to Business Insider stating:

“We are like Eventbrite, but way cooler. Vybe’s can be anything from playing board games to bachata with your neighbors. A lot of people have been isolated and lonely and we wanted to enable them to meet. We are aware that large gatherings are not okay and we do not promote them. If we see events are popular we take them off!”

The video posted by the app did not seem to agree with the disclaimer sent in the email. It seemingly promoted large gatherings, and that’s not only against the COVID-19 guidelines but also obnoxiously irresponsible.

Vybe Together CEO Alexandar Dimcevski went on to send a follow-up email to Business Insider, wherein he labeled the video as “over-the-top marketing.” Dimcevski added, “We do not condone large, unsafe parties during a pandemic.”

The New York Times writer Lorenz also pointed out that Vybe Together is currently looking for a social media manager/meme master to promote parties on social channels. A company called Eventbrite has removed several listings of huge parties in San Francisco from its platform.

As per the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, citizens should stay at home on NYE. If they choose to step out, they must wear masks, avoid mass gatherings and alcohol, and maintain a distance of 6-feet from others.

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