Best Deals to Upgrade Your Home’s Safety, Hygiene, and Entertainment

Technology has upgraded the way we run our households, and in our latest deal post, we bring you some of the best deals on home products. You can save big on smart home tech, including a safety camera, smart vacuum cleaner, and a mini portable projector. Make the best of these deals and save ample money.

EufyCam 2C Pro Security Camera Kit on Sale

EufyCam 2C Pro Security Camera Kit

This is the best deal on Amazon to save big on Eufy Security EufyCam 2C Pro 2-camera wireless home security kit. The product usually goes for $320, but you can grab it for as low as $219.

The Eufy Security EufyCam offers 2K resolution with night vision and human detection technology for recognizing shapes and patterns. Both the cameras also provide features like live streaming and recording.

Each camera in this kit has a battery life of up to 180 days. Both the cameras also have an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance for outdoor usage.

Additionally, the two wireless cams in the kit have a HomeBase 2 base station that connects the two cameras. The base station also works with other Effy home security devices like EufyCam, the EufyCam E, and Eufy sensors.

Yeedi Robot K600 Vacuum Cleaner

Yeedi K600 Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the best deals that you can avail of on home products. The Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner is available for as low as $89. The selling price of this product is around $189. You end up saving around $100 on this deal.

The Yeedi K600 robot vacuum cleaner offers a suction power up to 1500Pa. The device comes with a smart design, multiple smart sensors, and more smart functions like self-charging whenever the battery goes low. The battery life on the K600 is up to 110 minutes.

Other smart features include an advanced brushless motor that operates at up to 20,000 rpm. Users can activate the Turbo Mode by double-tapping the auto button. This mode offers additional strength to the device to find dusty corners and clean them. It has a 3-layer filtration system to take out up to 99% of allergens.

The Yeedi K600, although entry-level, is a pretty powerful smart vacuum cleaner. It is not a loud machine and can clean up your home without disturbing your peace. The vacuum cleaner’s design enables it to smoothly go in and out of small openings like under the bed. And the smart sensors block it from running into any piece of furniture or hit the wall.

1080p Full HD Mini Projector by Smonet

Smonet Mini Projector

Another fantastic deal currently up for grabs on Amazon. Upgrade the home entertainment standard by buying this super portable mini projector by Smonet. You get to experience home cinema with this full-HD 1080p projector, priced as low as $86 on Amazon. You get a discount of up $213.91 on this deal.

The Smonet mini projector can turn any white projecting surface into a 150-inch display featuring a contrast ratio of 3000:1.

The lamp lifespan on this mini projector is above 50,000 hours, which means that it can run for several hours before demanding a replacement. You can easily binge-watch your favorite shows and movies. The warranty on this product goes up to 12 months.

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