Upgrade To Smart Home Living With This $10 Bundle Featuring Echo Flex Smart Speaker & Sengled Bulb

Technology has brought a lot of goodness and ease to our lives. While making the world smaller, technology has also made our homes smarter. And if you are yet to take advantage of smart home utilities, then we just have the right deal for you that shall make you take your first step into the world of smart lighting and smart music. How about paying just $10 for a smart bundle featuring Amazon Echo Flex and Sengled smart bulb.

In a one-time offer, you are getting a smart speaker worth $15 and a smart bulb at $10 for consolidated pricing of just $10. Now, let us give you some details about the two smart devices and how you can make the most out of them at your home.

All About Echo Flex & Sengled Smart Bulb

Amazon Echo Flex

Amazon is one of the best when it comes to branded smart home solutions. The Amazon Echo Flex is a smart speaker that plugs into any outlet at your home and turns it into a smart space with its built-in Alexa support.

With Alexa support, it controls devices in your home like lighting, other speakers, shouting trigger commands for Alexa to check information for weather, or other daily updates.

So, all you need to make it work is by plugging it into any outlet at your home and exercise smart control via Alexa support. The Echo Flex also has a built-in speaker that makes it a smart speaker.

Of course, the speakers are tiny, so you can’t expect party-level sound output, but it is quite cool. There is a built-in microphone to take your voice commands, and there is also an option to turn that off whenever you need complete privacy. It has a dedicated switch to turn off your microphone.

The Echo Flex makes for a worthy gadget that you can use in any space of your home, a garage, or a living room – your pick.

Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb

What makes the deal sweeter is that this time you also get a smart bulb free. You get a free Sengled bulb that can be controlled via Alexa. And when you are not in the mood of running voice commands, you can also control it via Alexa app.

In addition to that, the Sengled bulb also features Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh 5.0 that ensures better reach around your home. This means if you can also control it through your mesh network.

Once you claim this deal, there are plenty of other devices that you can add to your smart home arsenal that will work seamlessly with the Echo Flex. Some of the options include a night light, a motion sensor, or a digital clock.

It is the perfect time to upgrade to smart home living because deals are just getting better!

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