CES 2021: Make Your Glasses Cooler With JLab JBuds Frames Open-ear Earbuds

The CES 2021 just got cooler, thanks to JLab Audio that launched the JLab JBuds Frames. These are on-ear headphones that can clip to your glasses or sunglasses and makes it easier to carry music everywhere you go. This is not the first time when we are seeing audio tech making its way to your frames. Previously, Bose did it with its second-gen Frames Audio Sunglasses. But this is the first time when a company launched a cool tech with an affordable price tag.

Jbuds Frames: Design, Features, & Pricing

JLab Audio is releasing a budget alternative for the Bose’s second-gen Frames audio sunglasses. Priced as low as $49, the JBuds Frames are open-ear true-wireless earbuds that clip to glasses/sunglasses. JLab Audio describes the high-tech design and concept of the JBuds Frames as a bring-your-own-frame design.

JBuds Frames

The company claims that the JBuds Frames contain:

“Two independently operating Bluetooth true wireless audio devices, which can be affixed to the temples of sunglasses, eyeglasses, and similarly styled blue light blocking eyewear.”

JLab Audio

Featuring 16mm drivers, the company claims that the music on JBuds Frames music can’t be “heard by those close by.” However, going by the review of a similarly designed product by Bose, we think that the claim should only apply to moderate volume levels.

The battery backup on the JBuds Frames is touted to be up to 8 hours on a single charge via pogo-pin cable in-the-box. The device comes with an IPX4 for water-resistance.

Users can also use the JBuds Frames for making calls. Describing the clip-on device’s functionality, JLabs Audio says:

“Conveniently located button controls let the user accept or decline phone calls, adjust volume, and switch between JLab’s Signature and Bass Boost EQ settings,”

JLab Audio

We have doubts about the audio performance on this latest device because Bose’s attempt at a similar product did not impress the listeners. But given the super-budget pricing of these clip-on earbuds, we will be impressed even with a decent sound performance delivered.

Budget Pricing Makes for a Compelling Alternative

Aside from the quality and functionality, we are quite impressed with the design of JBuds Frames. It is an essential entry in the audio sunglasses segment and rivals Amazon and Bose. To recall, Amazon has Echo Frames that cling onto sunglasses for audio.

The sunglasses-audio looks like a great pick for those who like listening to media but do not want just earphones. They can have the JBuds Frames to keep themselves free and entertained. On top of that, the smart audio device is also pretty lightweight and only weighs 11.7 grams per frame component.

Despite the budget price, JLab Frames pack exciting technology, and the devices work separately to save battery life. Users can stream over the SBC or AAC Bluetooth codec, which means that the iPhone users continually experience high-quality audio. They also have a nine-meter wireless range with physical buttons to manage media and calls. They are also pre-loaded with various EQ presets, including JLab Signature and Bass Boost modes.

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