Clubhouse: Your 2021 Exclusive Party Line

You’ve heard about it — Apple iOS is hosting a new darling, based on a pretty nostalgic concept. Back in the early days of telecommunications, ‘party lines’ were this thing where you could end up in a conversation with a large number of people communicating strictly in audio.

WhatsApp Self-destructing photos feature tested

WhatsApp May Soon Add Self-destructing Photos Feature To Chats

WhatsApp seems to be working on a new feature that shall make it easier for people to share pictures without qualms. The Facebook-owned instant-messaging giant is working on a self-destructing photos feature, pretty much like the one you might have seen on Snapchat and also Instagram.

Netflix Fast Laughs

Netflix Launches TikTok Inspired ‘Fast Laughs’ Comedy Shots

TikTok’s success pushed a lot of apps in trying something similar. Facebook-owned Instagram did with ‘Reels’ and now one of the leading streaming services, Netflix, is bringing a TikTok inspired short video feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ for mobile users.