You Will Soon Be Able To Find The Exact Photo In Google Photos, Thanks To New Search Tool

We all have struggled to find a specific photo in Google Photos. Most of the time, we do not get success in finding the right photo. And that’s usually because the search tools are not prepped up to handle queries like that. But Google is now working on the problem, and soon you will be able to find the exact photo you are looking for in Google Photos.

The tech giant is working on adding new search tools and filters to its Photos app to enhance the image search. In its current form, the app enables users to search for a specific photo using filters like location, people, and things.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer at Google, users will soon be able to combine the current filters with new filters to improve the effectiveness of their search and therefore find the exact match.

New Search Filters Coming Up For Google Photos

If you refer to the screenshot shared in the tweet below, you will see four new search filters. These new search filters include selfies, videos, archived photos, and motion photos clicked with particular people or things.

With a bunch of new filters, one will be able to find just what they want in Google Photos. We think that with the addition of new filters, Google has substantially made the search net broader. For example, if you want to find a photo clicked at a famous landmark with your best friend, you will just have to type in the name of the landmark and select the friend’s face to find the correct picture.

As of now, Google has not revealed the timeline for rolling out the new filters. But since the company has already shared a screenshot, we think it won’t be long since we get to see the new filters in action. Maybe Google could add even more filters to make the search super compatible with users’ requirements.

What’s your take on the upcoming new filters? Do you think they will make your search a lot more accurate than it is now. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Zara Ali
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