Latest Netflix Update Brings ‘Studio Quality’ Sound to Android Phones

For Netflix lovers with Android devices, the latest update brings an enhanced functionality supporting wholesome entertainment. The update has already been rolled out globally, and some users are already experiencing better sound on select shows and movies. If you are a Netflix user, then you will feel the same when streaming new media.

All Hail xHE-AAC Audio Codec

All this has been made possible with the added support for the xHE-AAC audio codec, which brings substantial advantages alongside.

The xHE-AAC audio codec can also modify the bitrate of any audio to decrease the rebuffering on the overcrowded wireless network. It subsequently reduced any interruptions or delays in the audio output. In a blog post, Netflix explained that the xHE-AAC audio codec could significantly improve the audio and bring it to ‘studio quality’ as per surroundings.

Another noteworthy enhancement is that users can now adjust the volume between shows and individual scenes, thanks to dynamic range control built into the xHE-AAC audio codec. The dynamic range control can make scenes with loud audio quieter so that users don’t experience high-pitched sound that triggers irritation or an action that makes them jump for volume controls.

In the blog post, Netflix explains Dynamic range technology:

To measure a program’s dynamic range, we break the waveform into short segments, such as half-second intervals, and compute the RMS level of each segment in dBFS. The summary of those measurements can be plotted on a single vertical line, as shown below in Figure 2. The ambient sound of a campfire may be up to 60 dB softer than the exploding car in an action scene.

Netflix Dynamic Audio

The latest update also brings consistency between the volume of dialogue for various shows and movies. As an impact, users can now watch select media on Netflix without trying hard to listen to the audio coming from their device’s speakers. All these changes make for a seamless viewing experience on Android devices.

As the update has been rolled out for Android devices, it is worth mentioning that users need devices running Android 9 Pie or higher to use the latest features.

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