Tim Cook Shares Info on the Apple Watch’s Future: “Think About the Amount of Sensors in Your Car”

Apple hit the right chord with consumers through its Apple Watch series. The latest in the lineup is the Apple Watch Series 6, and now it looks like the company is gearing up for adding newer versions with improved functionality and health-related features.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook shared some insights about the future of the Apple Watch in an interview given to Outside Podcast. Cook shared details about fitness and health, and also the environment.

He also revealed his big plans for the upcoming wearable models and shared that the company is currently testing “mind-blowing” features in the lab.

The Future of Apple Watch: Something Mind-Blowing in Works

When asked further about the plans, Cook said that the company is testing the ‘mind-blowing’ functionalities of the upcoming watch in the labs.

Although that’s great to hear from Apple’s chief, we as users know that not all of those under-testing features would make it to the final version. But that’s a regular protocol followed by every tech company when coming up with a new product.

Some features are retained, while some are dropped if they fail to align with the overall workings.

Furthermore, Cook said, “Think about the number of sensors in your car,” and went on to add, “and arguably, your body is much more important than your car.”

This statement by Cook could mean that the Cupertino giant could potentially be looking at upping its game and adding new health-related features.

When it comes to Apple Watch, the company has always been focused on health features debuting on the wearable. It added heart rate tracking, a dedicated ECG app, blood oxygen monitoring, fall detection, irregular heart rhythm notification, and more.

In addition to sharing some info about the upcoming Apple Watch, Cook also reveled in discussing his insights on nature and the environment. He referred the nature as a “window to the world.”

He also noted how the Apple Park conference rooms are named after the national parks in the United States. He further said, “right around the corner from the Grand Canyon room.”

Towards the end of the interview, Cook also shared several details about Apple’s values as a company and other perspectives. You can head to the Outside Podcast’s official website to hear the complete podcast.

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