CES 2021: Check Out Razer’s Concept Gaming Chair With Roll-out Display & Smart Mask

Razer debuted at the CES 2021 with not just laptops but a new gaming chair as well! The company known for its high-performing gaming hardware has now seemingly stepped into the whole new world of gaming furniture too. Razer has come up with Project Brooklyn – a concept gaming chair that features a built-in roll-out display alongside a Project Hazel smart face mask.

Razer’s Project Brooklyn: One Chair For All Intents & Purposes

The Project Brooklyn concept chair by Razer looks like a regular gaming chair at first glimpse, but it is one hell of a beast when we take a closer look. The chair features a 60-inch roll-out OLED screen on its rear side. This display is a roll-out one that can appear when the gamer takes the throne and wants to have fully-immersive gameplay.

Razer Gaming Chair Concept - Project Brooklyn

A roll-out display built into the chair is one neat design idea. Users get to have a wholesome gaming experience without setting up a new gaming deck or even getting a VR helmet. All you need is one chair, and that becomes your complete gaming setup.

The chair comes with a HyperSense vibration feedback feature. The built-in Collapsible tables enable gamers to shift between mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad setups seamlessly. Bonus inclusion comes in the form of Chroma RGB lighting on the chair cushions and stand. The entire lighting setup makes the chair stand out and look futuristic.

Project Hazel: A Smart Face Mask

Razer Smatt Mask Concept - Project Hazel

Project Hazel by Razer is a smart face mask aimed at fixing common problems that users encounter with a face mask. The smart mask will come with a VoiceAmp feature that uses a built-in mic and amplifier to support speech and evade the stifled sound that usually comes through the face cover.

It would have a rechargeable, replaceable disc ventilator that users would be required to disinfect using a UV-enabled wireless fast charging box to promote sustainability. The smart mask also has Chroma RGB lighting, making the standard face mask design more vibrant.

For now, both the Project Brooklyn gaming chair and Project Hazel smart mask stay limited to the bubble of prototypes. This means that they are all still in their concept stage, and we do not know when Razer plans to bring them to the general public.

Razer did say that it is testing the functionality and real-world usage of the chair with “top esports athletes and influencers,” It also plans to improve the mask with robust testing. All of the information suggests that we may either see one or both projects become available for the consumers later this year. Of course, they will come out more refined than their present state.

Are you impressed with Razer’s concept gaming chair and mask? Would you be waiting for their official launch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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