Gudsen Launches MOZA Air 2S, A Powerful Gimbal With Three-axis Lock Design

Gudsen – a Chinese manufacturer best known for its high-end gimbals – has now launched another gimbal to best suit the imaging requirements of a niche crowd of photographers, vloggers, and more. The latest and greatest gimbal by Gudsen is called the MOZA Air 2S. It is a major upgrade over the MOZA Air 2 that debuted two years back.

The MOZA Air 2S packs many evolutionary gimbal technologies, including the Smart Micro Handwheel that enables precision control of inherent functions like pan, tilt, zoom, lens focus. It makes way for stable and efficient shooting without the need to tweak camera settings.

A 3200mAh battery backs the gimbal with support for 30W charging. The MOZA Air 2S can run up to 20 hours on a single charge, and it takes around 2 hours to charge fully. It supports USB charging. The gimbal has a maximum payload capacity of 4. 2kg/ 9. 3l bs. It can easily dock any mirror-less and DSLR cameras.

MOZA Air 2S With Smart Technologies & Features

The MOZA Air 2S also supports a slew of innovative accessories ecosystems with an Arri Rosette, cold shoe extensions, and M4 mounting hole. It has a universal extension bracket that makes the Air 2S more versatile. Users can easily mount external equipment like microphones, supplemental light, sliders, monitors, and more.


The three-axis lock design enables the gimbal to access custom balancing configurations and secure storage. The latch on each axis locks easily without the need to navigate through software menus.

Concerning the durability and adaptability of the gimbal, Gudsen says:

The Air 2S is built to last; even when the gimbal is subjected to the harshest, most demanding filming environments, the Air 2S will remain level to the horizon. The brand-new strengthened, engineered metal body of Air 2S provides higher quality and incredible stability.


The MOZA Air 2S also has a quick-release system featuring One-Step Balancing. It is also compatible with Manfrotto quick release plates. Users can seamlessly switch between a tripod to a gimbal within seconds.


The One-Step Balancing hardtop makes sure that the camera is mounted in the same spot always. It saves users from spending substantial amounts of time correcting the camera’s center of gravity. The Air 2S allows users to pop the camera on and off the gimbal without worrying about re-balancing.

Advanced Shooting Modes

The gimbal also comes with advanced shooting modes such as inception mode, FPV mode, sports gear mode, mimic motion control, and object tracking. Whether you are filming a simple occasion, or covering an action sequence, or just gazing at the stars, the MOZA Air 2S offers creative features that boost your filming creativity.


The MOZA Air 2S is priced at $499. You can purchase it from Gudsen’s official website.

Overall, the MOZA Air 2S seems to be a powerful gimbal meant for both professionals and newbies. We will soon be reviewing this gimbal on our blog. Stay tuned for more info!

In the meantime, check out the promo video of the Air 2S below.

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