imoo Ear-care Headset Hands-on Review: When Safety and Performance Go Hand-in-Hand

There are not many consumer electronics brands that aim at bringing safe technology to children. Among the rarest of rare is Imoo – a brand under BKB electronics that’s known for its innovative lineup of wearables for kids. One of the recent launches by imoo features an ear-care headset that’s aimed at bringing the best sound input in the safest way that should not damage their delicate ear.

We got the opportunity to review the imoo ear-care headset, and in this article, we will share our first impressions of the wearable.

This hands-on review of imoo ear-care headset is based on our week-long usage of the device. 

Performance With Safety


Although the headset is largely aimed at kids, we found them handy for young adults with sensitive ears. The open-ear wireless headset is light on your ears and does not touch the inner or outer ear. Instead, it rests itself around the outline of your ear and throws sound directly at your ear canals. 

The open-ear wireless headset features an upper limit of 85dB to safeguard little ones against hearing damage. The outer sound transmission ensures that the user also gets to listen to what’s happening around the surroundings. It is also a safety feature that does not block outside sound to keep the listener aware.   

During our week-long usage, we gauged that the sound quality and output work seamlessly indoors. It especially comes in handy during online classes or meetings. The headset’s small sound chambers produce ample sound to deliver decent sound quality with a little bass. You don’t get to hear the ear-vibrating level of bass on this headset, but the level offered is enough to enjoy the song without risking your hearing abilities.

imoo ear-care headset

From the children’s perspective, it makes sense as children do not appreciate thunderous sound output. imoo ear-care headset maintains decent levels without annoying the kids. 

The indoor sound quality is good but outdoors is a different story altogether. We used the headset while standing on a balcony, inside a moving vehicle with windows open, and at a supermarket. In all three surroundings, the sound output was not what one would expect outdoors. The design limitations bare themselves when put to the test outdoors.

The surrounding noise hampers the sound output, and one does not get to hear audio as clearly as on a conventional headset. It is not too bad, but one has to listen very carefully to understand better. 

The Design and Fit

imoo ear-care headset

We liked the comfortable and effective design of imoo ear-care headset. It is lightweight, and the Neon + Black color scheme makes it look quite futuristic and trendy. The headset is relatively lightweight and is made using anti-allergy materials that lower the risk of infection caused by sweating during prolonged listening hours.

It has the kind of design that children and even adults would like to flaunt. The IP54 rating makes it quite durable too. At both the end of the neon strip, you get a 6.2mm Large-size Soundbeaming Speaker that intelligently throws the sound at your ear canals.

imoo ear-care headset hands-on review featured image

The design of the speaker is small and square-shaped that blends with the overall shape of the headset. When you wear this wireless ear-care headset, the speakers fit right next to your ears.

We made a lot of movement while wearing the headset, but it does not affect its overall performance. You also get a physical power button on the device that switches it on and off. The device greets users with a short sound whenever it is powered on or off.

The flexible design fits the head from behind. The fit comes out as even more effortless on kids. As an adult, we found it a little smaller for our heads. Once fit, they are hard to slip from their position.

Connectivity and Battery Backup

imoo ear-care headset hands-on review featured image

We got a battery output of up to 8 hours daily on 1 hour of quick charge during our continuous usage of one week. We used it to listen to songs, attend online meetings and webinars, watch movies, gaming, and more. The battery backup was ample for our daily usage, and we believe it should be more than apt for children.

The imoo ear-care headset has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with up to 10m of range. It connected seamlessly with our laptop and phone. Pairing it with any device is an easy-peasy task as devices detect it quite quickly.

Initial Impressions

imoo ear-care headset

After the week-long usage, our initial impression is that the imoo ear-care headset makes for an appealing buy for kids. The headset is exactly what kids require these days when their education is happening via online classes and assignments. The demanding learning schedule can prove to be negatively affecting children’s ears with a conventional headset.

With imoo ear-care headset, children can spend prolonged hours being engaged in online classes and not hurting their ears and hearing abilities. As young adults, too, we found these headsets quite interesting as they don’t put a lot of pressure on your ears and protect them from infections.

Bottom-line is that imoo ear-care headsets are a great buy for children and also the work-from-home employees.

imoo ear-care headset hands-on review featured image

Get these ear-care headsets for your kids to safeguard them against the infections caused by conventional headsets. The imoo ear-care headset will make your kids happy with decent sound output and lightweight design.

Want to read a more in-depth review of imoo ear-care headset? Watch this space for more updates as we will publish a detailed review next week.

imoo Ear-care Headset Pricing and Availability

The imoo ear-care headset cost $59. They are currently up for purchase in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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For now, we do not know whether the brand has plans of launching the wearable in other regions too. 

Honestly, we think that with the influx of online learning, parents worldwide would want to buy such a headset to safeguard their children against hearing issues caused by prolonged usage of conventional headsets. 

This device also makes for an excellent buy for those with sensitive hearing. The headset will fit just about right and won’t hurt your ears while being on calls for ungodly hours.

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