Will My OnePlus Phone Still Run Oxygen OS Despite Oppo Merger?

If you’re a OnePlus user, there is one question that must be bothering you – will my OnePlus phone still run Oxygen OS after the Oppo merger? Well, we do have some answers for you in this article.

It’s been five months since OnePlus and Oppo merged their R&D (research and development) hardware teams. And later, both companies also announced that they would be further integrating their other teams. Although the merger of hardware teams did not take us by surprise, the pairing of software teams has undoubtedly raised a string of questions.

As a respite for millions of OnePlus users, the CEO Pete Lau took to the OnePlus official forum to announce that the company will retain Oxygen OS despite the merger with Oppo. Pete Lau affirmed that the merger with Oppo would boost the overall efficiency and efficacy of the operations and innovations.

In reply to one of the comments on the forum, Lau promised that OxygenOS should remain the OS for the OnePlus phones globally except for China. Notably, OnePlus phones in China run HydrogenOS, which is a derived version of OxygenOS. Also, in early 2021, OnePlus started selling phones with Oppo’s ColorOS.

OnePlus forum Pete lau reply

Merger To Improve Things For OnePlus Users

After the merger, OnePlus expects higher efficiency and access to more resources to develop its hardware and software. The company will retain the OxygenOS and plans to offer more regular updates to the OnePlus devices globally. And that’s such a breather for OnePlus users! Nothing can improve the OxygenOS experience than frequent updates to onboard great new features, right?

Pete Lau also promised the users that OnePlus will still operate autonomously, keep launching new products, host exciting events, and ask users for their valuable feedback.

It is essential that OnePlus sticks with OxygenS as most of its users fall for its software experience and regular updates. Now that the Android 12 public release is around the corner, we can’t wait to see how OxygenOS embraces it and enhances the user experience.

Are you excited about the Android 12 version of OxygenOS? Do you think OnePlus will do a swell job with it? Let us know in the comments.

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