Imoo Ear-care Headset Review: Delivers As Promised, A Worthy Choice For Kids & Even Adults

One of the significant developments in the world of consumer tech revolves around better-profiled devices. And when we say ‘profiled,’ we mean that we now have devices aimed at different segments of users, and kids make a part of that. Our today’s review gives you an in-depth account of using imoo’s ear-care headset. If you have not heard of imoo, you should note this brand as it makes specific products for kids and brings technology in their delicate hands with utmost care.

We have previously done a hands-on review of the same device, substantially based on our one-week usage. This review is more in-depth as we have spent more time with the device and gave it a non-biased look to bring you our experience without any edits.

The Packaging & Contents

imoo headset

The front of the packaging of imoo ear-care headset showcases it in all of its glory. We liked the color scheme here; the orange color with the brand name looks quite trendy, placed side by side to the neon+black headset unit behind the plastic cover. The inside black plastic that houses the headset is also of good quality, and you find other content placed under it when you lift.

imoo headset

The reverse side gives you a brief overview of what the device supports and ratings. Inside the box, you get the main unit, micro-USB charging cable, and a user manual to get you started.

imoo headset

You don’t get a wall unit to connect the micro-USB cable. You will have to use your own wall charger to charge the headset. The charging port is placed on one of the black elements on the headset, covered by a rubber flap. A small indicator LED sits on one of the square black blocks and blinks when the headset is powered on and connected.

The Basics: Trendy Design, Comfortable Fit, & Lower Decibels

Starting with the basics, imoo ear-care headsets our regular wireless Bluetooth headset that has been tweaked to fit the requirements of kids whilst taking care of their comfort and delicate ears. The design of the headset has an ease that fits effortlessly and does not shake off when moving or even dancing.

imoo headset

Made with kids in mind, the headset features a sleek, space-age design that wraps neatly behind your head. For both calls and music, the sound quality was decent–and the fit was comfortable. Priced in the $100 range, the imoo ear-care headset is not exactly cheap, but it won’t break the bank either.

Imoo emphasizes the word “ear-care” when mentioning the headset, and by looking at the design, it’s clear why. Sleek and aerodynamic, the headset is lightweight, which makes it an easy accessory for kids. The simple behind-the-head design is not clunky and doesn’t look too evident when worn (from the front).

Both the sides of the headset feature two square blocks featuring a power button and charging jack, respectively. The ends connecting the earbuds taper to a similar squarish block with a sleek opening or a cut-out that lets the sound out. The headset is made using anti-allergy materials that lower the risk of infection caused by sweating during prolonged listening hours.

The device easily rests on your outer ear and throws sound directly at your ear canals. As they are marketed as a safer audio product for kids’ delicate ears, they have an upper limit of 85dB to safeguard little ones against hearing damage. This quality also comes in handy for adults with sensitive hearing and ear infection issues.

imoo headset

Like we wrote in the title, the headset can also be a good addition for adults. It does not put a lot of pressure on your ear and does not even make you uncomfortable, even if you wear them for a better part of the day. We used the headset for attending all our Zoom meetings and also during Netflix sessions.

The Sound Quality & Minor Issues When Outdoor

imoo ear-care headset hands-on review featured image

It took us a minute to understand the headset’s fit, and once figured, it was an easy-peasy task slipping them on whenever we wanted. If you are an adult reading this review and considering getting these headsets for you, we must tell you that if your head is big, you may face some fitting issues. Better try it before you place your bets.

You don’t get any volume controls on this headset, so all your controls rest with the device you connect with. We connected it with our smartphone and laptop, and it connected without any issue. The device pairing process took a few seconds, and the connection remained stable. It also reconnects instantly after disconnecting both devices for a short period.

imoo ear-care headset

The only issue we had with the sound quality was when we were using the headset outdoors. We had to pay a lot of heeds when listening to music or on-call outdoors. While indoors, there were no issues with the listening. The microphone on the headset works effortlessly, and we had no issue during calls.

Overall, you get decent sound quality on the headset. As they are aimed at the sensitive ears of kids, they do not support super bass sounds. We liked the stereo experience, and we were happy with the volume range.

Conveniently, the music automatically pauses when you remove the headset, thanks to the wearing sensor that automatically starts and pauses the sound. The headset boasts an IP54 rating making it an ideal fit during sports. We also tested the battery life and got 6.5 hours of backup on amplified usage, including attending video calls, watching movies, and listening to music.

Ratings & Verdict

imoo ear-care headset

Trendy design and simple function, we liked using imoo ear-care headset. The sound quality is quite decent for indoor use, but you may not find it very effective outdoors. This could be good for kids as it can keep them alert outdoors by not blocking noise. The design is non-slippery but could take a day to get used to.

The bottom line is that imoo ear-care headset is one of the best headsets for kids as it takes care of their sensitive ears and does not blast music into them. The design is non-itchy that can offer utmost comfort to kids. Even if you are an adult trying to find a device that takes care of your sensitive ears, then you can consider buying this one. Of course, you will have to try it before buying because the fit could be an issue.

  • Decent audio quality 
  • Wearing sensor
  • Sporty and ear-friendly design 
  • Healthy 85dB sound level for kids
  • May take time to get used to the fit
  • Not ideal for outdoor usage

If you are impressed by the imoo ear-care headset, then click the button below to buy it now!

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