Jabra Elite 75t Review: Best Alternative For Galaxy Buds and AirPods

The ever-growing list of true wireless earbuds is not complete without mentioning Jabra. The brand has been around for decades now and has created a niche for offering premium audio products.

Jabra’s Elite 75t debuted back in November 2019, but they hit the sales shelves starting February 2020. Of course, a lot many new earbuds have made an entry into the audio segment since then, but the Elite 75t continued to have its upper hand with some top-of-the-line features.

Jabra managed to improve Elite 75t with firmware upgrades, making it a solid contender in the TWC earbuds segment even today. We got the opportunity to review the earbuds, and we used them as our primary audio peripheral for two weeks.

Jabra Elite 75t Overview

Jabra Elite 75t
Release DateModel NumberPrice
February 202075t$149
Pros Cons
Premium and portable charging case Connection strength is fine, not the best
HearThrough feature & Active Noise CancellationThe design may take some time to get used to
Impressive Battery LifePlayback control buttons trigger minor discomfort causing ear pressure
Effective Microphone outputLack of aptX
IP55 rating for sweat and dust resistanceDevice switching is not as easy as expected
USB-C support


Durability – 8.5

Design – 8

Microphone – 9

Portability – 8.5

Connectivity – 8

Usability and Durability

Our initial experience of unboxing and pairing these earbuds was pretty smooth. We used an Android device to test their pairing speed, and the process was super quick. However, we later tried pairing them with an iPad, and that was also quick but not as quick as AirPods that features Apple’s proprietory H1 chip.

Jabra Elite 75t review

To pair Jabra Elite 75t, you will have to hold down both the button on the earbuds simultaneously for around four seconds. What’s great is that you can pair two smartphones at once. The dual pairing came in super handy as we used these earbuds with an Android device and an iPad. If you have multiple devices, this feature on the Elite 75t could be beneficial.

Coming to the durability part, we used these earbuds while doing a slew of activities like cooking, dancing, and even HIIT. Thanks to the IP55 rating that makes them sweat and water-resistant, we did not face any issue. Endless streams of sweat running down your forehead and around your ears have no side-effect on the functioning of these earbuds.

Jabra Elite 75t review

As for the premium-looking Jabra 75t charging case, it is quite compact and easily slides into your pocket. The only issue with that case is that it is a fingerprint magnet. The earbuds are pretty lightweight at 5 grams and are comfortable. They managed to fit right into my ear and hang in there even during some demanding workout sessions.

Jabra Elite 75t review

One thing that you may find a bit annoying is the touch-sensitive playback control button on each earbud. It will take some time to understand the different functions they trigger. And also, when we used functions like increasing the volume by long-pressing a button, it caused a minor discomfort by creating a suction.

Design and Comfort

The design of Jabra Elite 75t earbuds is different from the conventional ”stem” design seen on earbuds. They are more curved and do not have a stem, making them more discreet and hard for people to know that you’re wearing earbuds.

Jabra Elite 75t review

Jabra has included three sizes of ear tips with these earbuds, and you can try each one of them to find your perfect fit. The initial fitting could take some time to get used to, especially when you’re putting them in. You’ll have to figure out how to fit them well so that they do not fall out. Once you know your way around, they will hold their position and not fall even during activities like running and dancing.

When it comes to the charging case, there’s no learning curve here. These earbuds attach magnetically into place and start charging. They click and lock within the case magnetically, which stops them from falling even if you leave the case open.

Jabra Elite 75t review

Overall, we liked the design and fit for Jabra Elite 75t. We used the Grey color variant, and it looks sophisticated. We think the design and color would appeal to the professionals as it goes hand-in-hand with any outfit.

Connectivity and Audio Quality

You get Bluetooth 5.0 support with the Jabra Elite 75t. It allows them to connect quickly with any device. The only downside here is that these earbuds support AAC and SBC codes, which is good news for iPhone users but Android users will miss out. It would have been great if aptX support was included, but that’s not going to be a deal-breaker. As even without aptX support, the audio quality is good on Android.

Jabra Elite 75t review

As a workaround, Android users can even go into developer options on their device to manually switch to AAC codec if they get into any issue with AAC codec.

We did not face any quality issues while using these earbuds with Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphone. Concerning connection strength, we noticed some glitches initially, but they got resolved on their own. The audio quality was quite good throughout our usage on iPad Pro and Android. The cherry on top is the dedicated Jabra Sound+ app that allowed us to adjust the equalizer and sound as per our liking.

Jabra Sound+ app

The same app also allows users to customize playback control buttons. You can edit what a single tap or double tap does. Of course, you will have to use these functions for a day to get used to them. With the Jabra Sound+ app, you can customize the HearThrough experience as well.

Battery and Microphone

The best part about Jabra Elite 75t is that they support USB-C charging, making it relatively easy to charge them as our smartphone had the supporting charger. Usually, when you have micro-USB charging support, you have to fetch a different charger, making it a task to charge the device often.

Jabra Elite 75t review

We got a battery backup of around 7 hours with constant playback on these earbuds. In comparison, the case can offer up to 28 hours of playback time. If you fully charge the case, you can easily charge your earbuds for up to four cycles. The battery backup is quite impressive, and it makes these earbuds great for carrying during long travels.

We extensively used these earbuds during our video call sessions, too, and the microphone quality was par excellence. The four-microphone system did a swell job at curbing background noise and accentuating the speaker’s voice.

Why Should You Buy Jabra Elite 75t?

Should you buy the Jabra Elite 75t? Well, the answer is that are there any other earbuds that you can consider instead. We think not. The Jabra Elite 75t is pretty much what you need and what you get at the asking price.

Jabra Elite 75t

For both Android and iOS users, the Jabra Elite 75t makes for the right buy. If you can look past some minor issues that only sprouted once or twice during our usage timeline, we think you get similar performance as you get with the premium earbuds like AirPods Pro or Galaxy Buds by Samsung.

Here are the reasons why you should go for the Elite 75t:

AirPods Alternative: You should consider buying Jabra Elite 75 TWS earbuds if you want an AirPods alternative and save some money. These make for a great pick as they have a more discreet design and offer a premium audio experience. 

Pairs With Every OS: The Jabra Elite 75t can easily pair with any device running Android, iOS, or Windows. It’s worth noting that these earbuds work seamlessly for iPhone users as they support the high-end Bluetooth codec AAC. 

Ideal for Travellers/Commuters: These premium earbuds have a HearThrough feature that comes in handy while traveling or commuting daily. When you turn this off, you get active noise-cancellation experience that effectively blocks outside noise. 

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