Google’s Pixel 5 Phones Continue To Suffer From Battery Drain Issues On Standby

Google Pixel phones are great! We love the stock Android experience and the hardware loaded to make the devices stand out. But, there’s one massive chip on our shoulders when it comes to Pixel phones, and that’s about software issues. The same has come back to haunt the latest Pixel 5 lineup, too, as the users continue to complain regarding the battery drain issues on their units.

Since the debut of the Pixel lineup, there’s one thing that continued to cause obstructions for Google, and that’s the software issues. Many of the previous Pixel phones were also plagued with software issues that Google later fixed via updates. In the past, Pixel 4A 5G users complained about touchscreen issues after a security update in December 2020. It’s weird to see the brand that created Android fails to offer a seamless software experience on its smartphones.

Pixel 5 battery issue
Image Credit: Pulak Parag

Coming to the latest issues, many of the Pixel 5 owners are reporting that their phone tends to lose a significant amount of charge when they leave it idle or on standby. Now, this is not a new issue. The same issue has been reported several times, and Google promised a fix for it, too but is yet to roll out a fix. We cannot say that the issue affects every Pixel device, but given the volume of posts on forums, it is safe to say that it has affected plenty.

Here’s what users are reporting on Google Forums:

Pixel 5 battery drain
Pixel 5 battery drain

As per the entries on forums, one of the users wrote that when they leave their Pixel 5 idle on a nightstand before going to sleep (100% charged), they wake up the next morning and notice that their phone’s battery dropped down to 67%. Some of the users also tried clearing background running apps before keeping the phone down at night, but the percentage dropped substantially by morning.

To recall, Google promised a fix for the issue in December, and now it is past two months with no sign of an update. Although the company did roll out security updates during the time, there wasn’t any fix for the battery drain issue.

We hope Google brings out a fix for it soon. Stay tuned with us to know more!

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