Planning To Buy A Foldable Phone? You Should Know How Much It Costs To Repair Screen

Buying a new smartphone involves a lot of research to gauge if it offers value for money or is better than other phones on the market or about the warranty and repair costs. The concern for durability becomes even more severe when you wish to buy a phone with a delicate mechanism, like foldable phones.

Currently, companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have foldable phones on the market. Samsung was the first one to bring out a foldable smartphone. As futuristic as they look, just the thought of accidental drops makes the heartbeat go faster. It gets even worse when your phone goes out of warranty, or the warranty does not cover screen damages. In such cases, it is better to know beforehand about the screen replacement costs for foldable phones to prepare yourself for the risk involved.

We have compiled information about screen replacement costs for foldable phones by Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola.

Screen Repair Cost For Motorola Razr

Moto Razr

Motorola hit the ball out of the park with the futuristic Moto Razr foldable phone featuring a clamshell design. It is one of the costliest offerings by the brand but still relatively low on pricing in the foldable smartphone segment. The phone costs $1,500.

So what happens if you end up breaking the screen on this phone? Well, as per the official sources, the screen repair cost for the Moto Razr is $299. It is the cheapest screen repair cost that you will find on this list.

Screen Repair Cost For Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone comes with a great clamshell design. On its website, Samsung has detailed the screen repair costs for the Galaxy Z Flip. As per the official quote, you will need to shell out $499 for repairing or replacing the main screen and around $99 to fix the back panel that features a small screen.

Interestingly, for the buyers who purchased the phone before December 31, 2020, Samsung offered them a limited deal that brought down the repair cost to $119. The offer is valid for one-time repair only.

Screen Repair Cost For Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

The Galaxy Fold smartphone was the first truly foldable phone by Samsung. The company offered discounted pricing for screen repair with its Galaxy Fold Premier Service at the price of $149. The service was limited to the buyers before December 31, 2020. Now, the screen repair cost for Galaxy Fold has gone up to $600. At that cost, one could buy a new mid-ranger by the brand.

For the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung introduced ultra-thin glass for the primary display. On its website, Samsung details that users will have to pay around $549 to repair the main display and $139 for the external display.

Screen Repair Cost For Huawei Mate X, Mate XS, and Mate X2

Huawei Mate X2 phone

Huawei’s first foldable offering, the Huawei Mate X, came with an out-folding mechanism. The phone featured a great design that was slightly different from what Samsung offered on its foldable flagships. Huawei did not launch the phone outside China, but it’s worth knowing how much it charges for screen repair.

On the official website, Huawei states that it costs around CNY 7,080 (approx $1,010). And for the successor, Mate XS, the company charges the same amount as for Mate X.

For the newly launched Mate X2, the company recently updated its website to reflect the repair cost for this flagship. Huawei will charge the Mate X2 owners around CNY 5,699 (approx. $883) to replace the inner screen and CNY 799 (approx. $124) for the outer screen.

Now that you know how much it costs to get the screen repaired for a broken foldable phone, you will be able to make a better buying decision. Or if you already own a foldable device, then we hope you start using it more carefully because some of the repair costs are going to cause a hole in your wallet!

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